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Posted July 7, 2023, 11:36 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Kaden Buchanan (Chief Engineering Officer) (Clayton Strong)

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A second later as he began to shimmy down the tight crawl space his badge beeped again, =/\= Andone to Lieutenant Buchanan. Be advised there appears to be a possible hostile force of native wolves augmented by biogenetic and cybernetic devices of unknown design on the planet. I’ve put all away teams on alert, they have the ability to evade detection by both visual and sensor scans. While I doubt such creatures are on the relay. Be alert for any odd smells or other unusual events. For now, finish your repairs, and then request beam out, understood? =/\= She asked.

GM CockRoach

Kaden responded to the captain by stating, =/\=Understood Commadore. I will go ahead and run a scan if possible for any odd smells but I have not smelt anything out of the ordinary as of yet. Lt Buchanan out.=/\= He then finished making is way to the location so he could send the needed items up to engineering to get the circuits needed to repair the relay. After a few minutes, they arrived at the location. He went ahead and scanned and then tapped his comm and said, =/\=Lt Charles, the details of the scan should be coming to your station here shortly. Please get me those parts as quickly as possible. Buchanan out=/\=. He then just laid for a minute to relax until the parts come over. He was expecting them to not take more than 5 minutes but relaxing after that tight crawl was needed.

Lt jg Buchanan CE

Charles’s voice came back over the comm =/\= Got the scans Lieutenant, fabricating it now. ETA 2 minutes. =/\= He said.

Nearby he could hear the work of the two other NE’s in another crawl space to his right and slightly below him to his left. “..Stupid Mk-2 relays, stupid 2350s engineering specs..” NE Franks could be heard to his right muttering, evidently having some trouble dislodging an errant isolinear relay from the 2350s, likely the age and lack of regular use had meant the isodine connectors had fused somewhat from the lack of energy charge flowing through them keeping them in line and viable.

A chuckle below and to his left was echoed by NE Harv, “..Problems Franks?” The other NE asked.

”..Oh just these stupid Mk-2’s the connector has fused half way into the slot, I’m thinking it might be just easier to yank the whole board out and replace it anew.” He said through gritted teeth straining it seemed to pull the relay chip out. Suddenly there was a crack and whack sound and a series of curses by Franks. “…Gosh darn, heck it all freaking stupid, no good …” the ranting and pained cursing of the man went on for over a minute.

”..Relay finally slip loose?” Came Harv’s chuckle.

”..Yeah yeah, just another bruised knuckle to add to the list..” Franks muttered going back to work.

Charles’s voice then came back on the comm =/\= Lieutenant Buchanan we’re transporting over your new fabrication, stand by=/\= He said. A second later a small foamed box encased relay came into being on his chest. =/\= Transport complete, you got it Lieutenant?=/\= He asked.

GM CockRoach

Kaden was happy to have the new item fabricated and responded =/\=Thank you Franks. It looks good and I will be getting it inserted here shortly.=/\= He knew by looking at it that it would be perfect and went ahead and started the procedure to replace the old parts with the new one. He inserted it and waited for it to connect and come online. He then said to the computer =/\=Computer, the new piece for the relay has been inserted. Can you please run a diagonstic and confirm the functionality of this new part?=/\= He wanted for a response from the computer but expected it to be well within the specs which required 90% functionality. He was hoping it would be higher than that but was not worried.

Lt jg Buchanan


OOC: I hope the Captain is able to respond to this.

Lt jg Buchanan

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