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”..Its fine Commander, any problems with our guests?” She inquire about the colonists.

Kane nodded to the Commodore. “All and all, we’ve made them as comfortable as possible. A medical team is checking them out now. As soon as they have been evaluated they will be shown to the guest quarters.”

Anders called up a scan display on the computer terminal and showed a wide-arch beam scanning the 10 kilometer area, keeping a close eye for any blips that may indicate points of interest.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Checking a geological survey just a few minutes old, Anders could see that there was only two nearby caves that could be home to the wolves in the direction they attacked from and that held water sources or puddles they could have passed through. One was about 4km off slightly to the west of the farm attack point, the other was 6km and was to the north east. Assuming the wolves had not looped around from say the further south these were the only two spots they could have came from.

Saatynn entered a couple moments later. “Apologies for the delay in my arrival, I fell in the mud and needed to get mostly cleaned up.” He said to the CO, taking his seat. After bringing himself up to speed, he frowned at everything so far, leaning back in his seat. “I know the wolves themselves are masked from scans, but technology that allows that in such a method is rare, and usually leaves some sort of signature.”

”..You are correct on that Lieutenant.” She said nodding to his arrival. Personally she had not cared if he had shown up dirty, but she understood why he had done so.

Kane frowned and looked thoughtful as he surveyed the topographical scan that the Commodore pulled up. “Two possible points they came from… I would want to say we form two detachments and check out both locations. One lead by Lt. Anders, the other by myself… this time we go equipped with phaser rifles… compliments 5 security, one science… send down within a 600 meter radius, have the transporters maintain a lock and both teams keep an open comm incase something goes wrong. How does that sound Commodore?”

He leaned forward, drumming his fingers on the table briefly before speaking again. “After Lieutenant Anders’s scan is complete, permission to run a low-band scan for particles and radiation that might point us to a possible culprit, captain?”

Lt JG Saatynn

”..Do it. Also check for any planetary based subspace anomalies. The Ark Angel has twice now encountered such pheromones on different planets. One led to a micro-dimension which held several class-m planetoids, the other was much larger leading to a dimensional rift that even now we fully do not understand it..” She added.

Kane’s eyes darted to Luna for a moment noting her stare. His face was even and he just gave her a small once over the decided to have a word with her after the briefing. He then put his hand on his chin and thought. “The technology though very briefly scanned doesn’t match any of our known capabilities.. radiation and particle sweeps are not a bad idea, maybe with that we can also see about heat emission? Being as the creatures are lupine looking, I would assume they have a body heat. It may be worth a try on top of searching for the rouge radiation and particle emission.” He said thoughtfully. His thoughts going on other ways one may be able to track the wolves when cloaked.
Lt. Cmdr. Kane, XO

”..NE Stiflen did a thermal scan already, no sign of the wolf packs occurred return signatures. But it can’t hurt to look again..” She said.

Kane nodded. “My apologies Commodore I was unaware.”

After a few moments of walking, Kaden arrived at the briefing room. He knew there was already discussion going on but he wanted to go in and not interrupt anyone. He straightened his uniform and walked through the door. He was trying to be as quiet as possible and went and sat down at an open seat. He did not want to interrupt anyone. He waited a few minutes to make sure there was a null in the discussion and then he said, “Lt Buchanan reporting in. I was able to get the relay running well above the required percentage. I came to the briefing room as soon as I was able to get out of my suit and leave transporter room. Hopefully I have not missed too much.” He then waited to hear more about what was going on.

Lt jg Buchanan CE

”..Well at least there is so far one brighter side to our mission here. While all packages of our little ‘mail delivery run’ were completed before this attack. It is good we have one less concern to worry over for the long range comms once we do deal with this unknown.” She said. “..I’ve already alerted Starfleet of this occurrence, they are in the process of relaying the USS Old Bay and USS Crescent Lake, two Chandley class cruisers to arrive here in the next three hours. Beyond civilian vessels they were the closest craft free..” She said. “..Ideally I would like us to have this solved before then, but if not their support will no doubt be valuable.” She added.

GM CockRoach

Raith listened to the rest of the staff as they went through the briefing, waiting for what Andone’s decisions would be. He was sure they would need to be sent to check out the possible lairs, and was looking forward to trying the wolves again, now that he was prepared for them.

Ensign Raith, Security

“If they are emitting unusual radiation or anything we can track I’d like to imagine we’ll have this wrapped up soon.” Kane said with some optimism. “If that scan turns up something though we may only need one team.” He though about it after listening to the other for a few minutes.

Lt. Cmdr Solomon Kane, XO

“I wouldn’t mind going back down there myself Commander,” Anders said, “I feel as though I owe my team one after the job they did with the wolves in the first place.”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

”..I agree with sending two teams more heavily armed. I would also add an engineer and medical to each team to have all our bases covered. Both those locations will be our target once we inform the colonial council. Anything else to add or consider before we contact them here?” She asked.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

Kaden responded to the request to have an engineer on each team, “I would like to be part of the main team and I will have an engineer assigned for the other.” He then waited for additional information about when the teams were going to head out and what was going to be involved. He wanted to know who might be the best engineer, depending on what is expected so he can assign the best to do the thing.

Kane gave a curt nod. “I dont believe that I have anything to add, just it will be done Commodore.” Kane said then looked around the room to everyone.
Lt. Cmdr. Solomon Kane, XO

Lt jg Buchanan

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