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Drudoc looked between her officers. After letting them speak, during this time she had been it seemed reviewing something on the PADD in her hands, setting it down she spoke, “..Ensign Luna you will lead team one accompanied by Ensign Raith, and someone from medical, science, and engineering.” She said, looking to her XO she said, “..Commander Kane, and Lieutenant Anders, Saatynn, and Buchanan, you four will transport down to Ensign Buckingham’s location and investigate an unknown energy blip we have just picked up near his location. Inform Buckingham of the current events with team 1 and we will then transport them to their location. I will coordinate with the colonists and away team from the bridge as well as having Lieutenant Stacey join you. Lastly we will keep a transporter lock on you all at all times. Any questions?” She Said.

Drudoc Andone CO

Kane looked as if he were about to say something. Then as the Commodore spoke he shut his mouth. He then nodded. “Then for our complement may Lt. Anders and I also bring a rifles with us just incase? Given the situation with the wolves I would want to err on the side of caution.”

”..I see no problems with that. Just be careful either way..” She said.

” None captain she turned to the other department heads. I would prefer your people attest have basic combat traing and can follow instructions. If thats not to much trouble” She said.

Ensign luna

Kane shook his head. “No it is not. I would prefer everyone to have had scored proficient with rifles to be going on those teams, if we do not have any outside of security, at least proficient in hand phasers… or tactics I would hope to be sufficient.”

Lt. Cmdr. Solomon Kane, XO

Anders gave Luna a warm smile. “With everything I’ve taught you lass, I’m sure you’ll make a hell of an away team leader.”

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

”..If there is nothing else. Let’s get the teams organized and sent down. Sooner we can figure out these wolves and their threat the better I think all will feel.” Drudoc said dismissing the group.

Drudoc Andone CO

Kane nodded. “Yes Commodore.” He said before standing up. “If every other member of the senior staff could give their recommendations for the team to Ensign Luna I would greatly appreciate it.”

Kane’s eyes shifted throughout the room from port to starboard, settling on each face for just a moment. “Those of us going to Ensign Buckingham’s location, I will meet you all in Transporter room four in twenty minutes. I will leave you all to gather any equipment you deem necessary.”

His eyes then settle on Ensign Luna’s face while he directed his thoughts to her. “Luna please take 10 minutes to get your team together, brief them on the mission, and circumstances, then meet me at the Upper Armory.”

He then turned his eyes to the Vulcan Scientist. “Lt. Saatynn would you grab a tricorder from your department for me please?”

He looked thoughtful as he had turned his eyes towards the security chief. “Lt. Anders would you please go ahead and contact Ensign Buckingham and give him an overview?”

He gave the room another once over. “Thank you all. If that is everything I will be waiting at the armory for your team Ensign Luna.”

He gave a nod to those in the room and swiftly made his way to the exit.
Lt. Cmdr. Solomon Kane, XO

Kaden looked up at commander Kane as he walked out of the door. Kaden understood his orders and needed to grab his away mission bag he had in his office down in main engineering. He went ahead and exited the conference room and headed towards main engineering. After a few minutes, he arrived. He went over to his office and grabbed his bag. He then walked over to NE Walker and said, “I am leaving engineering to you at this time. I have an away mission to go on. Please keep everything up and running while i’m gone.” He laughed to himself because he knew everything would be fine. Kaden believed he had trained his team to keep everything up and running. He knew no one thought he was funny but he always did himself. He did not want to seem too anxious by going to transporter room 4 too soon. So he sat down at his chair and just waited for about 5 minutes.

Lt jg Buchanan

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