Side Sim: Getting to Know the Ship [OPEN]

Posted Aug. 30, 2023, 7:31 p.m. by Ensign T’Mor (Science Officer) (Ava Henson)

Posted by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Side Sim: Getting to Know the Ship [OPEN]

There were three arboreta aboard the Ark Angel and T’Mor was certainly interested in visiting them. She spent some quite hours at the one on deck fourteen. Taking particular interest in a collection of palms, she practiced sketching their unique bark and fronds. Palm trees were in their own way fascinating. On their native Earth they are associated with tropical areas of the planet, areas subject to harsh weather and rapid changes in wet and dry seasons. They were able to withstand desert heat, tropical winds, and major floods. Yet also, humans often attached to them a sense of serenity. T’Mor often desired that she could be so unbothered by her circumstances.

In the turbolift and traveling down from deck fourteen, she remembered something about a recreation hall, and specifically a library. Normally, recreational areas of starships were much more - social, than she preferred. Libraries however were almost required to be a quieter type of space. A good place to keep in mind. Since it was somewhat on the way, she reasoned it might be worth stopping there as well. Exiting onto deck eighteen, sketchbook and pencil pouch in hand, T’Mor made her way down the corridor.

~€> Ensign T’Mor, Science

T’Mor had just entered into the arboretum when as the doors began to close behind her they reopened to a gaggle of giggles. Three young children, one a Vulcan boy of about 5-7 years, one a Human girl of about 6-8, and one a Tellarite girl of about 6-8 years came running in. So engrossed were they in chasing each other hastily perused by two civilian NEs shouting for them to slow down, that all three ran right into the back/lower back of T’Mor all three landing on their own behinds.”..Uhhff!” All three declared in their pile on the floor. Though none were hurt it seems all three looked surprised to see her there.

GM CockRoach

The three successive bumps knocked T’Mor’s sketchbook and pencil pouch onto the pathway in front of her. Watching the pencils, pens, and other tools scatter onto the ground cause her to quietly regret not zipping the pouch completely shut.

She let out a deep breath, though you could hear a little shaking. They are just supplies. she reminded herself. Turning around to see what had caused this bump, T’Mor was slightly surprised to see the three young children.

“Oh,” she said, “Hello.”

For a moment, she had forgotten there were families, and often children, on larger vessels in Star Fleet.

“Where any of you injured?” she asked, offering both hands for assistance as needed. “You should be more careful.”

~€> Ensign T’Mor, Science

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