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With Luna and Raith taking point and their NE guard at the rear most spot sheparding the rest in between, the team would move ahead down the cave passage. The incline was slight but no trouble. Though the height of the passage lowered a bit making everyone duck slightly in places to avoid angled hanging rocks, etc.

As they were now about 30 some feet deep underground, they came around a slight wider bend in the passage to find that it seems a disturbance in the past weeks in the ground had opened up a sizable secondary slope and natural passage in the earth ahead. Opening about 8 feet or so wide they could see a faint dim glow of blue, green, and yellow from somewhere out of side in the new passage. Tracking the wolves also showed their recent passage had come this way heading deeper. Tricorder scans also picked up signs of artificial machinery and constructions indicating possibly some kind of old buried structure lay ahead......

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Raith raised an eyebrow at the opening. “Looks like we’ve found what we’re looking for.” He said. He looked to Luna and gave a nod before beginning to make his way toward the tricorder readings.

  • Ensign Raith, Security

luna was silent a moment. “Everyone get low to the ground and try not to make any notice,” Luna said before leading them further into the cave toward the readings. She used a few hand signals to Raith. ” could be a trap”. She took a few deep breaths trying to smell the air. She knew like last time she would catch their scent before the trycorders detected them. there was no guarantee that the new modifications would work so she was going off what she knew for sure.

Ensign Luna

Scent wise Luna could smell the faint aged odor of the pack, probably a few hours again old, plus long habitation before recent events. The smell of the air from the open hole in the ground was also tinged with the scent of artificial working environments of recycled air for at least many long old years. And only recently been exposed to more natural air of the planet.

T’Mor followed quietly behind the two security officers taking the lead. At Luna’s command she ducked slightly closer to the ground, and used a small rock formation for cover. Facing outward, her back against the cave wall, she like Raith was focused on the scans. “I doubt this structure belongs to the colonists,” she noted in an almost whisper, “It is possible that it was constructed before they arrived here, or afterward without their knowledge.”

~€> T’Mor, Science

(OOC: Could I actually find out from scans alone how old this structure is / how long it’s been occupied? ~ Ava)

OOC: You can!

Scans on age by the tricorder put the lower metal furnishings of the artificial structure below easily at the 400-500+ year range, if not more. The make up of the metal matched in places those of the metal fragment composites that had been found in the bull and those scans sent t hen here to the team. So it was for sure not of any known designs, or construction on record. Federation or otherwise, nor of the human colonists here much less. For better scans they would have to descend into the structure itself through a break in the roof of the buried structure 10 feet below them.

Raith gave Luna a nod and got low, phaser out and ready. He looked to T’Mor as she spoke, his mouth tightening into a thin line. “See what you can get from the scans,” Raith said in a returning whisper, “Luna, are you getting anything?” Raith wasn’t sure what she would be getting, but she seemed to be able to pick up on these things before their scanners did.

Ensign Raith, Security.

GM CockRoach

Closing in on the Party, Buckingham noted that everyone had adopted crouched stances and he did the same. Buckingham carefully moved next to the CSO and spoke in hushed tones.
“Lieutenant…” He whispered. “My work has concluded with the other team. Lieutenant Commander Kane has asked me to come over and assist.”
Buckingham kept it brief as he didn’t want to risk talking for too long. He kept his Tricorder and Medical case in hand as he awaited instruction.

Ensign Thomas Buckingham - Medical

” they definity came throw her i can smell them” she stoped a moment looked round at her group. ” Im going scout ahaad try to get eyes on the facility befor puting you all in more danger. Raith if im not back in 10 minuts get them out of here you all stand a better chance on the serface then you do in the cave” She said.

She headed down staying close to the wall. She only wanted to get close enuff to peek into the old structer.

Ensign Luna

Heading down the slight rocky slope, Luna soon decended the 10-12 ft seeing the partly unearthed broken top of a much larger structure, about 2 feet or so was exposed in a 3x4 ft area of broken rock. But the structure had been broken open as well due to whatever earth shaking had done this, and so while it would be a slightly tight fit for her even with wings folded, the rest could crouch and make it inside without further issue.

Raith frowned but nodded. He wasn’t thrilled with the idea of letting Luna head in alone, or with sitting by and waiting while she got to go on ahead. But she was put in charge of the team, not him. So, he did as he was told. He had two security ensigns take up positions near the rear of the group, ready to help get the others out if necessary. If something happened with Luna, he wanted to be able to go help.

-Ensign Raith, Security.

Since Luna decided to head forward alone, T’Mor thought it was important to fill in Ensign Buckingham.

“We’ve tracked the wolves to this cave system,” she said in a quite voice, “There is a structure up ahead. Readings indicate over 400 years old. Unknown origin, not matching any known constructions.”

T’Mor showed him the tricorder data. “Look at these metallurgical readings. These composites are very unique.”

Buckingham examined the Tricorder data. After a moment he spoke.
“I see… Thank you, Lieutenant. I’ll do my best to not slow you down.” It had been some time since Buckingham has been involved in any sort of tactical maneuvers.

(OOC: I’m a little confused as to whether or not I would know if these are the same metal composites found in the bull or not? Have we gotten the info from the lab? Are they the same composites as with the wolves cybernetics? Sorry, I’m a little lost as to what we know so far. - Ava)

OOC: Yes, the basic scan data from the other thread went to the ship and then forwarded to your tricorders hence their comparisons its not indepth like a lab report would be but enough to compare the structure for the metal shard. As for the wolves also yes, hence your ability to track them

~€> T’Mor, Science

GM CockRoach

luna came back shortly after. ” Alright its going to be tight gething throw you all should have no problems. Raith that opening is tight I may have issue I want you to take the led for now ” luna said.
Ensign Luna

Ensign Thomas Buckingham - Medical

“I don’t like the idea of you going in alone,” Raith said to Luna, more so to have it noted rather than to actually sway her decision, “I sent Ensigns Luka and Cobb to the rear so they can take the lead in case we need to make a retreat and also to cover us should we be attacked from behind.”

-Ensign Raith, Security.

” I was not going in alone only scouting ahade. I wanted to see what was up ahade befor posably puting all of you in danger. I could not think of anyone better to protect the others. Beleave me when i say this is not my firt rodieo” She said with a smile. Clerly he had earned her trust.
Ensign Luna

“As long as you continue with all due caution.” T’Mor chimed in to remind her, “How should we proceed, Ensign Luna?”

~€> T’Mor, Science

Raith seemed to take a moment to consider and then said, “Okay, take a look around and then head straight back. I don’t want you taking all the fun without me.” He matched her jovial tone, starting to relax a little. He had to have trust in his team, and Luna had proven herself capable in a number of ways, if at times undisciplined and impulsive. But they were both still just ensigns. plenty of time to grow as officers.

-Ensign Raith, Security.

” I alredy did i want you to take the lead. That opening into the structer is tight for me. I can get throw but it will take more time for me i need some one on the ground quickly” Luna said. She turned to the others. ” i hope non of you are clostriphobic. You docter middle of the group with the rest of the non sacurity officers. Also those of you without combat exsperince folow instrutions. If we get into a fight it will be hard to protect and babysit you at the same time” Luna added. She turned back to Raith ” Your lead” She said.
Ensign Luna

As the de-facto leader of the non-security officers, T’Mor regrouped in the middle with Buckingham and the others,

“Try to remain in visual range of the security officers at all times.” she advised them, “Pay close attention to your surroundings, there will be plenty of time to review the data later.”

~€> T’Mor, Science

Raith looked back at the entrance and considered. “Luka, Cobb. Stay with the science team. Luna, and I will head in and see what’s down there. If it’s safe, we’ll have you bring in the science team to take a look around.” He looked over to Luna to see if she concurred. He agreed with her that if there was trouble down there, the science teams may prove a liability. This way he and Luna could secure the area and then bring in T’mor and the others once they had a better grasp on the situation.

-Ensign Raith, Security

Luna hesitated she was not toaly comfortable with leaving the rest of the team her but Raith was right. She look to the two NE. “At the first sine of truble get them out of here. ” luna added befor leaving with Raith to sacuer the area ahade.
Ensign Luna

T’Mor stayed behind as ordered, repeating Raith’s words of encouragement in her mind. The emotion of fear was something she had yet to conquer, so it was for the best she stay behind with the others.

~€> T’Mor, Science

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