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Posted Nov. 23, 2023, 8:48 a.m. by Commodore Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Raith looked back at the entrance and considered. “Luka, Cobb. Stay with the science team. Luna, and I will head in and see what’s down there. If it’s safe, we’ll have you bring in the science team to take a look around.” He looked over to Luna to see if she concurred. He agreed with her that if there was trouble down there, the science teams may prove a liability. This way he and Luna could secure the area and then bring in T’mor and the others once they had a better grasp on the situation.

-Ensign Raith, Security

Luna hesitated she was not totatly comfortable with leaving the rest of the team her but Raith was right. She look to the two NE. “At the first sine of trouble get them out of here. ” Luna added before leaving with Raith to secure the area ahead.

Ensign Luna

Both NE’s nodded, “..Aye ma’am..” the one said.

T’Mor stayed behind as ordered, repeating Raith’s words of encouragement in her mind. The emotion of fear was something she had yet to conquer, so it was for the best she stay behind with the others.

~€> T’Mor, Science

Once Luna and Raith went back down the slight incline they reached the narrow opening in the natural rock which covered the artificial ruins of unknown source and where the tricorder scans indicated the wolves had in the past few hours gone into. Raith had little issue sliding into the opening, and Luna once she had folded up her wings tightly and did a bit of a tight squeeze worming motion into the opening soon had both drop 5 feet down into an open artificially created alien corridor of some kind. It was about 10 feet from floor to ceiling and about 12 feet wide. Directly to their left after coming down it ended in a crushed passage that showed a collapse of the natural earth into the corridor slight cracks in the remaining corridor they stood in showed it angled off to their right in a westerly direction for about 20ft before splitting into a T junction. Lighting was mostly normal here generated by artificial orbs in the ceiling in places.

Evidence showed the wolves had come through here and gone down the passage to the T junction, however, due to a variety of electrical magnetic interference sources in the walls their scan range was limited to not much more then 30 feet. This probably also would play havoc with communicators beyond that range as well and transporter locks. That all said the air was breathable if a bit ‘tangy’ to the smell and taste buds, like breathing in water based steam that had a light vinegar mixed in it before hand. There also was no signs of danger so they seemed safe to bring in the rest of the team.

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