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Kane looked back to the entrance before he tapped his combadge. =^=Kane, to Transport chief=^= He gave a pause for response.

=^=Four plus our sample to beam to Cyber Lab 1. Anders, Buchanan, Stacy, myself, . Energize when fully locked on.=^=

Lt. Cmdr. Solomon Kane, XO

Kaden was happy he was ready to be beamed up and was excited about getting to do some investigation on the “device”. He was super curious of everything it was made of and what all it entailed. Might be a new technology which he might have the ability to have his name on. It was every engineers dream. He just waited to be beamed back up to the ship.

Lt jg Buchanan CE

“Any guesses on what this thing does?” Kyle asked, a curious expression on his face.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Kaden looked over at Lieutenant Anders and said, “I am not sure what it is yet. I have never seen anything like this before. The composition is very unusual. I am very curious about getting the device to the cybernetics lab and doing some investigation to it. I am very excited to see what new thing we might have discovered.” He had such a big smile on his face. He probably looked like a total dork but this is the sort of thing he always enjoyed doing. Once the science team was finished, he wanted to reverse engineer it and hopefully fully discover what the item is fully used for.

Lt jg Buchanan CE

OOC: Changing location!

A moment later the away team remaining was transported back up to the ark angel and deposited directly into cybernetics lab 1, a pair of NEs were ready on hand to help, and full isolation protocols were in effect to prevent any containments they had brought up from spreading to the rest of the ship.

GM CockRoach

Gavin was somewhat excited about the data they could receive from the object. As far as Gavin is concerned, his only avenue would be to see how it interacts with a living organism and what purpose that would serve. The bull didn’t offer them much to go off of, and there didn’t appear to be any changes in behavior. Then again, LtJG Stacey wasn’t a veterinarian.

“What now, Commander?” Gavin asked, turning to the XO.

Dr. Stacey

Kane looked thoughtful as he was brought aboard with the others. He looked to Gavin and gave a small smile. “This is unfortunatly out of my expertise… currently though we need to study that shard, and find out what it does… see if it is linked to the augmented wolves in some way. With quarentine protocalls in effect we’ll be here a while, just incase that thing....” He nodded his head towards the shard. “Hasn’t unknowningly spread to any of us. Then we also want to make sure we are not bringing back anyting from the planet surface either that could infect the crew… so I’ll be here with you but I can only offer helping hands honestly.... I’d say we begin analasys on this thing immediately.”
Lt. Cmdr. Solomon Kane, XO

“I’m sure I can be on hand if anything decides to jump out at us from that thing,” Kyle said with a grin.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

OOC: Waiting on you all to decide to how to scan or examine it, think of it like some scenes in TNG where they were doing comparisons of data/lore/b4 etc in this case though you’ll want to see how the piece of metal reacts to say organic tissue samples or the like, or do some other kinda scans.

GM CockRoach

“What about physical contact, mebbie touching it might trigger something? With protection of course,” Kyle found himself hopping on his feet, a little tic he had when thinking aloud.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

“Be my guest and touch the thing, Lieutenant,” Gavin laughed. The CMO eyed up the lab for a few seconds, then approached a cabinet, “T’Mor should really be here for this....” Doctor Stacey murmured to himself. =^= Computer, dispense an organic tissue sample equivalent to that of a normal Humanoid =^= Gavin wasn’t going to waste specialized samples until they had a baseline on how this metal would affect people. “We know that it was found in one of the livestock, but maybe the Bull simply ate it..”

Once the sample was dispensed, the Chief Medical Officer brought the container over to where the team and object was.


OOC: I’ll be on LOA until next Wednesday, but I’ve set you’ll up for next steps.


(OOC: T’Mor is in a cave right now while security goes ahead of us. I don’t think she (in character) has any reason to know what’s going on in the lab. So if you want to call her up you can. ~Ava)

Kane looked thoughtful for a minute. “I’ll review the data we’ve collected with our Tricoders so far, and have LCARS compile to see if there is any data on something like this… If we have any or enough of a sample, it may be good to see if there are any changes to the tissue structure, or blood…” He moves off towards a terminal and taps his combadge. =^= Kane to Ensign Luna=^= He paused as he awaited a response.

=^= How is the hunt going? Status report if you please.=^= He waited again for her response

=^=I see. Thank you, we have sent Mr. Buckingham to rendezvous with your team. He should be there shortly… The other thing is that when he does, I will need Lt. T’mor to report back to the Ark Angel. She will be beamed to the Cybernetics lab, and will be filled in upon her arrival. I will notify the transport chief to be ready. Kane out.=^=

He then turned to the terminal and pulled up the file review before he spoke =^=Computer, taking the data from the tricoders of the personnel present, is there any signature patter that matches the composition on record?=^=
Lt. Cmdr. Solomon Kane, XO

“No prizes so far boys and girls,” Kyle muttered to no one in particular.

-Lieutenant Kyle Anders: Chief of Security-

Kaden was curious of what was going to be discovered of this item now it was back on the ship. He was hoping it was inside something the cow ate and not just magically ended up in the stomach. From the looks, it did not appear to have its own cybernetic brain to do anything but you never knew. He wanted to do a more indepth scan while it was on the ship. He said to the computer, “For the device on the table, and what data you received when I did the initial scan, is there a power source or does it appear to be dormant.” Kaden did not want the device to suddenly power on and surprise everyone in the lab. He then also said to the computer, “Is there a way to put a force field around it but still allow us to do our tests, especially if we need to physically interact with the device?” He then waited for a response from the computer.

Lt jg Buchanan

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