USS Asimov NCC 74304-C
Chandley Class
"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' (I've found it!), but 'That's funny'..." - Isaac Asimov
The Asimov-C is a Chandley Class Cruiser boasting a relaxed (5/7/10) posting speed. It focuses on detailed sims, and supports STFers who may not have the time to post on frequent posting ships.

Captains Ready Room: Captain Natalie Greer
Welcome to the Asimov! I am your Captain, Tyra, and welcome you to our fun little vessel. If you have questions please feel free to contact me via my Contact Page, or you can find me as Mouse on Discord.
6 Forward Lounge
January: James Sinclair joins the ship as Chief Medical Officer
January: The Year is now 2395, Happy New Year
December: The Asimov has an opening for a Chief Medical Officer
December: Recruitment is open for All JO's
Executive Officers Office: Commander Mason Black
Kia Ora! I'm Dave and I'm excited to be the Executive Officer of the Asimov. I look forward to the adventures we're going to have with this brand new ship and great bunch of players. You can contact me via my contact page or as Keivar (or Kiwi) on Discord, I'm often around somewhere and will reply as soon as I can.

GM: Harley "Hyena" Cartee
Sim Title: Reconnected
Sim Start: 19 JAN 19
Sim Notes: TBC
Place In Mission: Act I

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Dramatis Personae

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  • Important Threads:

    Commanding Officer: Captain Natalie Greer
    The Ship is underway and we are joining the Convoy of the freighter Orson Welles and the Federation ship Bradbury. Our mission is to Escort the Orson Welles and it's cargo to Ferenginar where we will be tasked with 'assisting' the Ferengi authorities with an investigation into a raid on the Federation Embassy.
    Chief Intelligence Officer: Flt Cpt Ryder Lawrence
    Prepare any information you can find about the possibly raiders and Ferengi Authorities
    Executive Officer: Commander Mason Black
    With a new ship comes a new round of making sure everything is as it should be. Weapons, Engineering, Medical, Science all need to be up to speed and operating at full efficiency.

    Chief of Security: Lieutenant Commander Paris Carisi
    Phasers and Torpedo's need to be calibrated and tested. Use the Holodeck to run a ship battle simulation once the work is done to test the systems. The XO will attend.
    Chief Engineer: Lieutenant (j.g) Andromeda Sentrya
    All systems need to be checked over and tested for fluctuations. We may be in a battle situation soon and we can't have conduits exploding with the stress.

    Chief Science Officer: Lieutenant Persephone Milestone
    We need long range scans of the area ahead. We need to know areas that raiders could be hiding in along with any anomalies in our way.
    Chief Medical Officer: Lieutenant Seddk Vock
    Annual medical checks and immunizations are due, snap on those gloves and get to work.

    Counselor: Lieutenant John-King McKenzie
    New Crew with a new ship means..... Psyche time!! Come and get your head read.
    Away Team

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    Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
    Captain Natalie Greer Commanding Officer Human 5'1" 110 Tyra Schroll LOA
    Commander Mason Black Executive Officer Denevan 6' 1" 200 lbs David Shotton OK (0)
    Fleet Captain Ryder Lawrence Chief Intelligence Officer Human 5'10'' 185 lbs Ray Branch AWOL (199)
    Lieutenant Commander Paris Carisi Chief of Security Human 5'4" 130 Kate O'Neill OK (4)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Gruck Nawim Security Officer Human 5'5" 166lbs Owen Morgan OK (3)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Andromeda Sentrya Chief Engineer Human (Siletz) 5’1 105lbs Trinity Fister LOA
    Ensign Leon McKenzie Engineer Human 5'5" 108lb Russell Watt LOA
    Lieutenant Persephone Milestone Chief Science Officer Human Melissa Aragon OK (4)
    Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen Science Officer Human 5'4'' 124lbs Joana Ribeiro LOA
    Lieutenant Seddk Vock Chief Medical Officer Vulcan 6'5" 189 lbs James Sinclair OK (0)
    Ensign Jazzin Lauren Medical Officer Trill/Betazoid 5'10 145 lbs Alex Lorien OK (0)
    Lieutenant John-King McKenzie Counsellor Human 5'11" 132lb Russell Watt LOA
    Lieutenant Gavin Ryan "Coop" Cooper Chief Helmsman Human 6’ 180 Jerome Davis OK (2)
    Gamemaster OZ Gamemaster The Great and Powerful Pay no attention to that Hyena behind the curtain. Harley Cartee AWOL (48)

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