[Pre-sim] Arriving on the Asimov

Posted Jan. 26, 2019, 10:45 p.m. by Lieutenant Gavin Ryan "Coop" Cooper (Chief Helmsman) (Jerome Davis)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen (Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] Arriving on the Asimov

Posted by Lieutenant Gavin Ryan “Coop” Cooper (Chief Helmsman) in [Pre-sim] Arriving on the Asimov

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen (Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] Arriving on the Asimov

Posted by Lieutenant Gavin Ryan “Coop” Cooper (Chief Helmsman) in [Pre-sim] Arriving on the Asimov

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen (Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] Arriving on the Asimov

Posted by Lieutenant Gavin Ryan “Coop” Cooper (Chief Helmsman) in [Pre-sim] Arriving on the Asimov

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen (Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] Traveling to the Asimov

Posted by Lieutenant Gavin Ryan “Coop” Cooper (Chief Helmsman) in [Pre-sim] Traveling to the Asimov

A broad smile crossed Gavin’s face as the couple that had, until their untimely interruption, been locked in a rather passion fueled embrace just moments ago… and he drew a slow, deep breath. He glided his thumb mindlessly across the top of Erin’s and looked once more deeply into those shining green eyes. He didn’t say a word… didn’t want to ruin the incredible moment they were sharing and a part of the man wished it would never end. How… how in the absolute frack had the dumb luck of the universe land him, of all people, into the arms of the veritable angel beside him now. One thing was for damn sure, he wasn’t going to complain and sure as hell would take and enjoy every moment he with the firebrand.

Once again, she found herself wondering where the future would take her, and as the food trays were finally placed in front of them, Erin asked casually.

“So Coop, any plans for the future? Or is piloting starships your life plan? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, mind you, but… what is there next for you?”


Cooper was taken aback by the question, not that it was a bad question… it was just the first time he could ever remember a woman actually asking him that. Well… at least one outside Recruitment & Retention! “Well…” Coop smiled slightly. “… I have…” He scratched his head for a moment and chuckled softly. “… I have eight courses left on my PhD in Engineering.” Gavin said matter of factly. “At two courses a year… that’s… four years of that…” And then he shrugged. “From what I hear… the Dissertation is a three to four year process to write and defend. So…” He paused. “… I should have my PhD by 35. That’ll get me a guaranteed promotion to Commander if I stay Ship-side and Captain if I take a post at Starfleet Academy.” Then Cooper laughed out loud. “I might do that just to see those smug bastards’ faces when the kid they wouldn’t let in to MSE is a damn Professor!”

“Noble.” Erin chuckled. She tilted her head slightly for a moment and her gaze fell on Gavin again as if she was trying to ascertain some sort of quality to the man. Finally, she took her first bite out of her pasta and continued. “I only know one other pilot besides you and he seemed way less interested in an academic career. I though you were all like him… took pleasure in flying around and that was it. Big free spirits.” She smiled. “It’s nice to know you’re different.”

“How about you Honey?” Coop asked with a warm smile. “What’s the future got in store for you?”


“Not sure.” Erin started. “My whole life I planed on finding something with the Federation Science Council after I graduated. Some research internship… I never saw myself pursuing a masters immediately after finishing… I was hoping to find something before that. I guess I did, just not exactly what I was expecting!” She chuckled once more before taking another bite of her food. “Ah, shuttle food… never gets better, does it?” She commented softly more to herself than to anybody else. Looking back at Cooper she continued. “Biology is a large field. My focus was on Botany. Especially how they interact with their environment, so Ecology mostly.” Suddenly Erin’s eyes widened as if a thought had just occurred to her. “Wait a second.” With that, she placed her cutlery down and left her seat.

He tried, he truly did but before Erin had even taken a full step… the control Gavin had snapped like a twig and his eyes playfully and hungrily watched Erin’s back side bounce towards the aft of the Shuttle. The moment she was out of sight, he returned his eyes forward and let out another content sigh.

Erin returned a few moments later, seemingly having left to get something out of her bag. Sitting back down, she placed on her lap what looked to be an old blue t-shirt wrapped around something. Expertly, she untangled the mass of cloth and produced a small round glass jar sealed with a cork stopper, the round part of the jar being no larger than a regular Christmas ornament. Inside it, a lush plant greenery rested atop a moist dirt floor. “It’s a self-sustaining terrarium.” Erin clarified. “I made it!” She seemed genuinely proud. “You don’t need to do anything really. The plants are in complete balance with their environment. It’s a tiny little ecosystem and as long as it is balance, it will sustain itself!”

“It’s beautiful Erin…” His tone a mix of sincerity and awe. “… really it is. I mean, I’ve seen these in books but never in person.” Coop then looked at Erin and smiled widely. “I’ve heard they’re insanely difficult to make. Did this one take long? I would assume these kind of projects are connected to your field of study?” Gavin asked, his tone interested and engaged.

“Making it doesn’t really take long, if you have the right plants and soil on hand.” Erin pondered for a second. “About thirty minutes to assemble it maybe… but I try to make different ones. It gives me something to research about.” She smiled.

Wrapping it back on the old shirt, Erin continued. “I specialized in Earth Botany since I never really wanted to leave… but I guess that changed now. I’m still hoping to go back eventually and still pursue something with the Science Council. Maybe take a masters after I’m done with the Asimov. I just don’t know when that’s going to be. The Chandley class has Biology dedicated labs and I can’t wait to see them!” Erin smiled. “Here.” She gave Cooper the shirt with the terrarium inside. “For you. I have more. Plus, you just won your first Bruins shirt! Too bad it’s a ladies fit.”


A warm smile broke across Gavin’s face, he looked genuinely touched as he very carefully took the small orb. “This is probably the most beautiful thing anyone has ever given to me.” He was breathless. “Thank you… very much much.” A pair of appreciative eyes turned back to Erin’s and added with a smile. “Even if it is a Bruins shirt.” He winked.


“I would argue that the Bruins shirt makes it better!” Erin said teasingly. Finishing her food, she pushed the tray away from her and waited for Gavin to finish his meal. “I’m glad you liked it. Although I’d say you have pretty crappy friends if that’s the most beautiful thing someone has ever given you.” She chuckled.

“Not… ‘crappy’ friends…” Cooper snickered. “… just friends that don’t find the same things I find to be beautiful. Shuttle Jockeys, Stick Yankers and Cap’ Flyers like me pretty much have the same drives in life. Booze, Balls and Babes… not in any particular order. And while I enjoy all three… love me some Jack & Coke… I’m a Broncos fan myself… and, ya know…” He winked at Erin. “… redheads.”

Erin visibly rolled her eyes. “Of course you do.”

“But…” Coop continued. “… I also enjoy other things in life. Especially…” He raised the terrarium and smiled. “… sweet, thoughtful gifts like these.”

Snuggling slightly against his left arm, Erin sighed contentedly closing her eyes. Her hand went to his once more. “You’re a great shuttle companion Coop. I’m glad I bumped into you.”


Gavin gave a soft chuckled, absently rubbing the back of Erin’s hand with his thumb as he talked. “I could say the same about you hun…” He gently nuzzled that top of Erin’s head and sighed just as contently. “… I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better one.”


Erin sighed contentedly as a smiled spread on her lips. Her cheeks blushed slightly as she snuggled tighter against him. It was a weird feeling… a comfort she had never felt with anyone else. With her stomach full and the stars zooming outside, Erin closed her eyes, lulled by the humming of the shuttle and the gentle beating of Gavin’s heart. Only a few moments passed before she was asleep.


Cooper was out just a few minutes after he had gently wrapped his arm around Erin, holding her close as he too drifted off. It was a deep, amazing peace that swept over him in his slumber and he felt more relaxed than he had in years.

A little over three hours later, a soft chime sounded and the lights in the cabin dimmed slightly then returned once more to bright. “Good Afternoon ladies & gentlemen, this is the Flight Deck.” Came a distinctly British woman’s voice over the PA. “We are now on final approach to the USS Asimov. On behalf of the Flight Crew and Staff, we hope you enjoyed your time with us and wish you all the best. Thank you once again for traveling with Starfleet Transfer Services and we wish you a pleasant day. Cabin Crew… please prepare for arrival.”

Coop rolled his eyes at the announcement, he swore it had to be a damn rule that STS had to hire Brits for the sake of appearances alone. With a gentle squeeze to the sleeping redhead wrapped in his left arm, Gavin said very softly. “Erin… Erin honey… this is our stop.” He then kissed the top of her head. “Wake up Babe”


Erin opened one lazy eye to the now bright cabin. With a deep breath, she found herself curled up against Gavin’s shoulder. Her face grew redder as she realized she had been asleep against him this whole time. Hopefully she hadn’t drooled on his shirt. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry… I didn’t mean to use you as a pillow!” She said embarrassed as she moved back to her seat, now fully awake.

Gavin smiled warmly and winked at the now sharply awake redhead, notably still clung to his arm. “It’s all right hun… if it makes you feel any better, I dosed cuddled up to you too.” He patted her arm softly. “Seriously, no big deal. You made a nice place to rest as well.”

It didn’t take long for the shuttle to dock on the Asimov’s shuttle bay and for the few people on board to get up and start disembarking while the crew dealt with resupplying tasks. Getting up and walking to the aisle, Erin waited for Cooper to join her as she grabbed her duffel bag from the small cargo area.

Cooper was on her heels, half wanting to be off the shuttle… the other wanting a longer view of Erin’s backside as she walked. He was, in fact, so engaged in admiring said ‘heavenly body’ he nearly walked smooth into the woman when the line to disembark stopped suddenly a couple meters shy of the cargo area.

Finally, they left the small shuttle and their feet landed on the Asimov’s deck for the first time. Erin looked around in awe, seemingly not yet accustomed to starships or space fare in general.

“You’ll get used to it after a while…” Gavin grinned happily. “… but the awe never really goes away, just doesn’t hit you as hard.” He said as he turned his eyes to hers once more.

As her eyes met Gavin’s once again, Erin smiled. “Well… time to find my quarters I guess…” She said as she rummaged through her bag trying to find her PaDD. “I’m on…” Her sentence carried on slightly as she looked for the information. “… deck 8. Great! Close to the science labs.” She smiled back at Gavin once more. “I’m going to drop all of this and change and report in with the Chief Science Officer. Where are you headed?”


Grabbing his guitar, Gavin said without so much as a pause. “I’ll walk you down… wouldn’t want you getting lost on your first day.” There was a certain fire behind his eyes, a flirty passion that seemed measured and tempered as he slipped his hand in hers. “Come on, I’ll drop you off then scoot over to my quarters.”


“Such a gentleman.” Erin said with a note of sarcasm. “You almost made it sound like you don’t have other interests in mind…” She winked. “Thank you, though. I appreciate it.” This time, the smile was genuine.

As they walked the corridors of the Asimov, Erin’s eyes were everywhere. Smiling at the crew members that passed by, or still in awe at the ship itself. Not to mention, she was beyond happy that her first time on the ship had been hand in hand with someone like Gavin.

Cooper’s eyes were also everywhere, making sure everyone was clear of the corridor as they rounded on Erin’s quarters.

Finally, their steps took them to Deck 8 and to the door to Erin’s quarters. With a sigh, she turned to Cooper. “Well, I guess this is it… Thank you for such an amazing shuttle ride.” She smiled. “And don’t forget… dinner and dancing on Tuesday.” Erin said in a suggestive tone.


“Not a chance…” Came the soft growl from Cooper as the guitar case was gently sat down and the young ship pilot came up from sitting it down to lift Erin from the floor, firmly planting her against the bulkhead as he locked the redhead in a deep, passionate kiss unlike any Erin had ever received.


Erin gasped in surprise as she felt her back touch the bulkhead and his lips on hers. But the surprise soon wore off as she let herself into the most passionate kiss she had ever shared. Her heart fluttering as the flames of passion engulfed her.

Gavin trembled slightly, barely controlling near animal-like aggression that he was making damn sure not to cut loose till he had all the time he needed to rock the redhead’s world.

Finally, their lips parted when the need for air was greater, much to Erin’s disappointment. In her eyes, Gavin would see love and lust mixed together. Shaking she tried to speak but no voice came through her lips. She cleared her throat slightly.

Cooper’s left hand was still tight in her shirt near the small of her back and his right firmly on her ass as they separated. He didn’t want to end the embrace, didn’t want to let her go but when Erin cleared her throat.... it snapped Coop out of the passion-fueled trance she held him in until that moment.

“Uh… I should probably go.” Her voice was fainter. Because if I don’t I’ll drag you with me inside and I’ll miss my meeting. Erin wanted to say it, but didn’t. Smiling she bit her lower lip ever so slightly. “See you on Tuesday, Coop.”

God woman… if we both didn’t have places to be! Gavin thought as he saw the glow in Erin’s eyes. “Yeah…” He said softly. “.... me too.” A moment later, as Erin stepped through her door, he called after her. “Make that tomorrow tonight, Beautiful.” His smile was smoldering as he watched her walk.

And with that, Erin turned around and walked into her quarters.


Cooper turned and left for his quarters as well. The biggest smile his face had carried in years.


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