[Pre-sim] An unplanned evening

Posted Jan. 29, 2019, 11:33 p.m. by Lieutenant Gavin Ryan "Coop" Cooper (Chief Helmsman) (Jerome Davis)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen (Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] An unplanned evening

Posted by Lieutenant Gavin Ryan “Coop” Cooper (Chief Helmsman) in [Pre-sim] An unplanned evening

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen (Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] An unplanned evening
Erin laid on her bed. She had just walked in the door after her first day on board the Asimov and she hadn’t even bothered to change from her uniform. Heck, she hadn’t even taken her boots off, so as she tried to rest her body from the excitement of the day, her feet dangled from the bed, cautiously avoiding the blankets.

Between the shuttle ride from San Francisco and her required check-ins on board, it had been a very long day. The longest day Erin had had in a long time. However, whereas a normal person would want nothing more than a good night’s sleep, Erin’s brain was in overdrive.

Her heart raced with excitement with everything that had happened in the last twenty-four hours. The science labs, her new post, and most of all… Gavin Cooper. The young helmsman had not left her mind after the two had parted ways at her door.

Erin didn’t know what to do with so much energy. She wanted to run around, jump, shout at anyone who would listen how great her day had been. But she also knew that would not be appropriate. Not to mention, she had a full work day ahead the next morning. Her first, real work day on board the Asimov. Erin was also painfully aware that she was not going to sleep any time soon.

Checking her chronometer, she wondered if she could call Molly and instead shout at her all the excitement that was threatening to burst from within her. If her math was right, Molly should have just gotten off duty. Leaving her bed and sitting at the terminal on her desk, she called her sister and waited. No reply. Early date with Alex, maybe? Erin wondered. Shrugging, she did what a teenager with a hard crush on someone would do, and pulled up Gavin’s file. His handsome face smiled at her from his profile picture. God he was cute. She giggled. Suddenly, a line caught her attention.

Quarters: 3-09

Erin stared at the letters on the screen for a while. What if she paid him a visit? Would that make her seem too eager? Too desperate for attention? Maybe she should leave him alone until their date Tuesday night… Make that tomorrow night, Beautiful. His words made their way into her mind. He seemed just as eager to see her as she was to see him… To hell with it.

Standing from her chair, Erin walked to the small bathroom and checked her hair in the mirror, deciding to redo her ponytail. She had just gotten off duty, but she didn’t need to look like it…

It didn’t take long for her to find her way to Gavin’s quarters. Her heart was racing more than ever, and she could hear its pounding in her ears. With a shaky finger, she forced herself to press the chime, afraid that if she stopped too long to think she would realize that she should have stayed in her quarters. She was tired. It was best if she didn’t put a lot of thought into her actions.


While not clear from the corridor as to the type, a very soft sound of music which had been slinking through the door came to an abrupt stop just after Erin pressed the chime. A few moments later, the door opened and before Erin in a faded green, loose-fitting Colorado State tank top and black gym shorts; stood a barefoot Gavin Cooper… his deep blue eyes glowing happily at the redhead’s surprised visit.

Erin smiled as Gavin came into view. Well, at least he upgraded his shirt… The thought crossed through her mind as her eyes swept him from head to toe.

Cooper’s quarters looked like a bomb had gone off, with piles of half empty boxes and crates around the main room, it was clear he been unpacking before taking a break to play for a bit… his guitar propped against the end of the couch.

“Hey Beautiful…” Coop said with a roguish smile. “… what brings you by?”


“Couldn’t sleep.” Erin said. Her cheeks turned a slight shade of pink. “Plus, being alone is not my thing. Thought I’d come by and pester you for a little while. If you don’t mind that is…” She peeked into his quarters. “Uh… I can also help you unpack… it looks like you might need a hand… did you carry a grenade in your stuff?” She winked. “Nice shirt. Better than USC. Although now I feel a little overdressed…” Erin said tugging at her uniform tunic.


“Hey now!” Gavin feigned hurt for a moment. “It ain’t /that/ bad!” With a chuckle, Coop smiled widely. “Of course you’re welcome, come on in.” Cooper walked ahead of Erin and went for a large, old looking cardboard box. Digging around for a minute, he pulled out a small ash grey George Washington University women’s t-shirt and a pair of dark blue sweatpants with the word ‘Colonials’ down the right leg in grey, capital block letters. “Little sister left these in San Fran the last time she came to visit… never got in any hurry to get them back to’er. If ya want to slip into something a bit more comfortable, Dani always seemed fond of em, but hell… she’s got a ton.” He tossed the set to Erin before adding. “And no… no one else has ever wore them!” He laughed. “Hell… I just realized I still had em this afternoon when I started unpacking.”

With that, Coop walked back over and sat on the couch, pulling up the guitar and began playing a beautiful, soft song… one Erin recognized at once but couldn’t place.


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