[Pre-sim] An unplanned evening

Posted Feb. 13, 2019, 12:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Gavin Ryan "Coop" Cooper (Chief Helmsman) (Jerome Davis)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen (Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] An unplanned evening

Posted by Lieutenant Gavin Ryan “Coop” Cooper (Chief Helmsman) in [Pre-sim] An unplanned evening

Cooper sang the song all the way through to the end and asked softly after setting his guitar to the side… “So, how was that?”… with a flirty smile.


Slowly, Erin leaned forward, her lips meeting his in a slow soft kiss. Smiling as she pulled away only an inch or two, she said in a soft tone. “You told me you could carry a tune… You never mentioned you could actually sing.”


As the last word left her lips, without a word of his own, Gavin slipped the fingers of his hand behind Erin’s head and drew her in for a deep, passionate kiss. The kind of kiss that made their kiss in the hall early that day nothing more than a peck. When the kiss was (finally) broken, Coop left the same inch or two between them and asked softly. “Does it really matter?” His blue eyes shined mischievously.


Erin let herself drown in his kiss. Her arms pulled him tighter, deepening the embrace. He was… something she had never experienced. He was fire and passion, but also gentleness and kindness all in one. He was smart… smarter than any of the jocks she had dated in college. And the feelings in Erin’s heart were unlike any she had ever felt. For the first time, she was scared of moving too fast or too slow… his kiss felt like an eternal dance on a rope. It could go both ways — too fast, or too slow. And she wanted to keep dancing.

As their kiss broke and the words left Gavin’s mouth, a shiver went down Erin’s spine as she looked into his blue eyes. Her lips curled into a flirty smile of her own. “It’s certainly an added bonus… You can get a lot of hearts to flutter with that voice… but you certainly didn’t need it to take mine.”


“Oh really now?” Gavin smiled as his hand found the middle of Erin’s thigh. “But…” He gave the hand a firm squeeze. “… did the voice at least help?” Coop’s eyes were on Erin’s lips once more, biting his own out of soul-shaking desire for the redhead.

Erin’s flirty smile widened. “I’ll leave that for you to figure it out.” She said with a wink.

“You wanna hear another…” Gavin smiled roguishly. “… or has the time for music passed?” He chuckled.


“That depends on the kind of music…” With that, her lips landed on his once more, kissing with the same passion as before. Her hands roamed his chest over his shirt before settling on his shoulders and neck.


Coop met Erin’s advance with passion and a bit more aggression. With a soft growl, he pulled Erin on top of him, his hands roaming her back… butt… and legs… as his kisses that had been first on the lips moved to her neck.

Erin gasped softly as his lips touched her neck. Her breathing shallowed with each touch of his.

As the session intensified, his hands slipped up the back of Erin’s shirt across bare skin and his breathing became heavier as his fingers dug into her hips.

It was then Erin felt Coop’s grip loosen slightly and he leaned back to look her in the eyes. “Are you wanting that dessert now or shall we wait for tomorrow night?” He asked with a smile.


The moment his fingers touched the bare skin of her back, Erin wanted nothing more but to continue forward. The balance finally tilted to one side. But then, Gavin stopped. His smooth voice breaking the spell.

Erin smiled, as she tried to control her breathing. “I was wondering the same thing…” The passion in her eyes was undeniable. She sighed softly before continuing. “I… I don’t want this to be like my previous relationships… I don’t want this to turn into just another hook up.” Erin paused for a second. “I don’t know if you feel the same but… I’ve been really enjoying your company… It’s… different. You’re smart, sweet and gentle, Coop… I’ve never been with anyone like that. And I don’t want to ruin it by going too fast.” She smiled softly as she brushed a stray hair from his forehead. “I want to do it right with you. Let’s have dessert when it’s supposed to be. After dinner. Unless… unless you don’t feel the same… in which case, I don’t have an issue in having nothing more than some hook ups…” Her smile turned more flirty once again.


Coop aggressively pulled Erin into a deep, soul-burning kiss, holding her as tightly against him as he could for a few moments then… breathlessly breaking away… he looked her in the eye and she could feel the trimmer shoot through the man as he smiled. “Oh Honey… the very last thing I’d want with a woman like you is a mere hookup!” He kissed her neck. “You, my dear…” He said muffled as he moved his lips from neck to collarbone. “… are like a fine wine…” Coop then guided lips up Erin’s neck once more. “… and I…” Neck kiss “… have no intention…” And another “… of wasting…” And another “… such a treat.” He closed his flirty exchange with another full on rapturous kiss.

Looking at her once more, a ‘tear your clothes off’ sparkle in his eyes, Gavin smiled. “Yes… definitely dinner first. I think we’ll have plenty of time for much… dessert… in the weeks to come.” He winked as he playfully swatted Erin’s butt with his right hand.


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