[Pre-sim] Sickbay -- Hazen's Physical Evaluation

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Posted by Ensign Jazzin Lauren (Medical Officer) in [Pre-sim] Sickbay – Hazen’s Physical Evaluation
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Posted by Ensign Jazzin Lauren (Medical Officer) in [Pre-sim] Sickbay – Hazen’s Physical Evaluation

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen (Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] Sickbay – Hazen’s Physical Evaluation

Posted by Ensign Jazzin Lauren (Medical Officer) in [Pre-sim] Sickbay – Hazen’s Physical Evaluation

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Erin Hazen (Science Officer) in [Pre-sim] Sickbay – Hazen’s Physical Evaluation
Leaving the CSO’s office, Erin checked her PaDD. Next stop, sickbay.

Some people hated doctors, some people were afraid, and some people were impartial to them. Erin fit the latter. There was nothing to be scared about a routine procedure that would determine whether or not she was fit for duty. After the summer she had had, Hazen felt as fit as she had ever been, ready to face anything that was headed her way. That included doing her physical.

Still in awe as she moved through the Asimov’s corridors, Erin walked to the Sickbay’s doors. It was surprisingly on the same deck, so it wasn’t too far. Stepping inside Hazen looked around, first to admire the space itself and then to find someone that could check her in. Finally, she signaled one of the nurses that went by her.
“Excuse me, I just arrived on board and I am here for my physical. Who should I talk to?”

Lt. (j.g.) Hazen, Science

It was Jazzin’s first day, and he was reading through the list of patients to catch up on the current situation of Sickbay. Nothing exciting poked out, which was a bit of a relief, being his first shift and all. He would much rather start on bumps and bruises than be flung headlong into some dire medical emergency.

As a lieutenant entered the Sickbay and spoke to one of the nurses, he glanced up to see a young, red haired woman talking to one of the nurses, who pointed out Jazzin. “That’s Doctor Lauren; he’s on duty today so should be able to help you.”

Erin’s gaze followed the nurse’s gesture nodding in acknowledgement. “Thank you.” She said with a polite smile to the nurse, and walked the few steps to the already approaching medical officer.

Lauren straightened his uniform and made his way over, giving the human a smile. “Welcome to Sickbay, sir.” He said, by way of greeting. “I’m Doctor Jazzin Lox, the duty doctor for today. If you would follow me?”

Erin smiled widely at the doctor, before being slightly taken aback by the word ‘sir’. Call me Erin. The words almost made it out of her mouth, but Hazen managed to stop them in time, wondering if it would have been unprofessional. She was definitely getting used to the whole ‘sir’ thing… Instead, with an uncharacteristic pause that Erin hoped would have gone unnoticed, she greeted the doctor in return. “Erin Hazen, nice to meet you.” The radiating smile back on her face as she followed the doctor.

He led her to a biobed, and asked her to take a seat. “And welcome to the Asmiov. I’m new here myself, but boarding physicals are a doctor’s 101, so I promise you’re in good hands.”

Hazen laughed. “I never assumed otherwise, but I’m glad to know.” She said cheerfully as she sat on the biobed as instructed. “Well, welcome to the Asimov too! It’s good to know I am not the only new one around.”

The Betazoid smiled in response to the lieutenant’s cheerful demeanour. “Yeah, it can be a bit daunting. I’m constantly asking people where things are kept. If it wasn’t for the nurses I’d probably be a mess right now.”

The Betazoid took a PaDD and a medical tricorder. He scanned the notes from previous examinations to see if there was anything he ought to be aware of. “Is there anything you would like to bring up before we begin?” He asked.

Ens. Lauren

Erin pondered for a second before speaking. “I had a stress fracture in my right ankle two years ago…” She shrugged. “Cheerleading.” She added apologetically. “And I was in the hospital with a concussion six or seven years ago if I remember correctly…” The smile returned to the science officer’s lips. “Stupid stunting accident in High School… Thought my sister was actually going to kill someone when that happened.” She chuckled. “Other than that nothing else comes to mind…”

The Betazoid looked up from his tricorder. “‘Cheerleading’? I have no idea what that is,” he grinned. “You lead cheers? That’s something you’ll have to enlighten me on, sir, because it sounds pretty great! Is it a sport or some kind of exercise? I know a little about Human culture like everyone who has trained at the Academy, but I’ve not heard of that one.”

“Oh you’ve never seen cheerleading?” Erin’s face was awash in astonishment. Almost as if she didn’t realize that there were other planets out there with other culture’s besides her own. “We need to change that! It’s so much fun!” She smiled. “It is a sport! Don’t ever believe anyone who says otherwise.” She grinned. “It’s a little bit like gymnastics or dance, I’d say… maybe a mix of both. And we perform with major sporting events, like football or basketball. We mostly do acrobatic stunts. You know… for the public’s viewing pleasure… if you know what I mean…” She said with a playful wink.

The Betazoid laughed, as he scanned. “Well it sounds, fascinating. I will be sure to look it up when I finish my shift.” He glanced up at her. “Are you saying that it is … provocative?” He asked, sincerely. His people were no strangers to the erotic, though he had never heard of a sport that was intentionally erotic … unless you classed those that danced in dark bars on podiums a sport.

He swapped the tricorder to his PaDD and tapped away. “Your past injuries are nothing to worry about now, though if you ever feel anything wrong, you can always come by for a check up.” He tapped a few more times. “So I’m clearing you for duty. Science, huh? I had always been torn between medical science and pure medicine, but bruised knees and scraped elbows swung it for me,” he said with a smile. “You picked a good ship to serve on, as a scientist. I’m sure there’ll be lots to keep you busy.”

Ens. Lauren

“I certainly hope so! I could never imagine being a doctor, though.” Hazen said as she jumped off the biobed. “Well… I hope I won’t need to see you in sickbay very often… but if you ever feel like having a drink or want to know more about cheerleading… I’ll be in the science lab.” She winked again, this time in a more flirty fashion. Flirting was what she did and what she knew, but this time… this time it was different. She felt a new emotion… guilt, maybe? She didn’t know. Her mind went back to Gavin and she wondered if the Asimov’s dashing navigator had ruined her flirty ways…

Jazzin flushed a little. The Lieutenant was certainly a confident woman! But he also could not help picking up her emotions, sensing something that she wasn’t entirely familiar with … but he wasn’t about to bring it up. He found that non-telepathic species didn’t always appreciate you ‘sensing’their thoughts and emotions, and could sometimes find it intrusive. “That’s a kind offer, Lieutenant. I will make sure to swing by the labs if I have any questions on cheerleading.

“Thank you, Doctor. Is there anything else you need me for?”

Lt. (j.g.) Hazen, Science

Putting his tricorder in his doctor’s coat, the (mostly) Betazoid doctor gave her a friendly smile. “I’m afraid not. Though it’s a shame I don’t have more patients with your energy; Sickbay would be a brighter place.” He smiled. “It was a pleasure to meet you, Lieutenant. I hope I see you around the ship. Have a good day and come back if you ever need anything.”

Ens. Lauren

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