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Posted Jan. 17, 2020, 5:22 p.m. by Gamemaster Janus (GM) (Jason Lee)

IMPORTANT – This is a sim summary of what has happened so far. If you are not up to date to what is happening with the ship, this post is essential for you to read. It is also recommended you read the various threads, and contribute if you so wish to.

The short summary:

The ship was assigned a 3 day shakedown cruise of the new ship. Hours after disembarking from the Starbase, the ship encountered an unknown anomaly which appeared out of nowhere. The anomaly pulled the ship in, and the ship registered that it was going at speeds higher than it was rated for, at warp 9.995. The passage of time only felt a brief couple of minutes, but there was no way of exactly knowing how far the ship had traveled. As the ship was “spat” out of the anomaly at high speeds, the ship past through a heavy plasma storm which knocked out a great deal of systems.

Specifically, “The plasma storm struck the ship directly, and damaged some of the critical systems… the primary and secondary computer had gone offline, half of the EPS systems ruptured from the plasma storm’s surge, which also damaged the replication systems too. The plasma storms damaged the shields, which were now at 17%. Hull integrity remained intact however. Weapons were operable, but the tractor system and defector system was offline now due to the plasma storm damage.”
As the ship cleared the plasma storm, what was currently obvious on the viewscreen of the visual sensors was a planet was fast approaching… or rather the ship was fast approaching the planet.

As the ship entered the planet’s atmosphere, the Helms NE tried to adjust the ship’s entry. Unluckily, the ship got struck by a bolt of lightning. The shields was reduced down to 7%, and more electrical systems across the ship got damaged. All but one fusion generator was working now. A tractor beam was detected against their ship, but it only operated for 3 seconds. It had adjusted the ship’s trajectory and had slowed the ship down slightly. The Ops officer was able to see that it came from a Ferengi scout ship, that had crashed, as it was stuck in a downward position, but strangely, had a tractor emitter at the back of its ship.

The ship crashed, and all of the crew were knocked unconscious. Sufficient say, all the crew suffered various degrees of injuries.

A silly song was posted here: (
The camera pans to an empty VIP guest quarters… and a tune played in that room for no one but the audience to hear:
♪ “Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
That started from paradise called Earth
Aboard this tiny ship.” ♪

♪ “The mate was a mighty spacefarer
The skipper brave and sure.
The crew set off in space that day
For a three day shakedown, a three day shakedown.” ♪

♪ “The space weather started getting rough,
The tiny ship was tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
The Asimov would be lost, the Asimov would be lost.” ♪

♪ “The ship set ground on the shore of this uncharted desert planet
With Zennneth Kaida,
Captain Natalie Greer too,
A Ferengi and his wife,
A beautiful intelligence officer,
Commander Solit and Dr. Vock,
Here on this unknown planet!” ♪


Important Reference threads:

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Notes: I will allow certain pieces of knowledge and events from previous timelines to affect other timelines. And since the Asimov is a slow paced ship, you might gain useful knowledge, tools, or influence the post-ship crash. Feel free to start different locations for the above timelines if one was not posted prior. As needed, I will make corrections to a player’s post if I feel it steps out of line to a player’s powers and/or abilities.

Current updates to after the crash timeline:
Nurse Okami is on the Bridge along with Engineering Crewman Michaels, Captain Greer, Commander Kaida, Commander Solit, Lt. Cmdr. Murphy, Lt. Furood (who just arrived), and Lt. (j.g.) Lane
Nurse Mendoza is assisting in Sickbay, with Drs. Coldwater, McGill, and Grace. Also in Sickbay: Lt. (j.g.) Olfmann. Dr. Coldwater is working on computer engineer specialist Ensign Pierre in Sickbay.
Ensign Clancey is healing Lt. Cewa and setting up triage in Cargo Bay A with Ensign Maher.
Ensign Shoshawnia, a medic, is heading to Engineering.
Lt. (j.g.) MacMoragh, Ensign Smythe and a host of engineers are in Engineering

Current personnel unknown locations after the crash:
- Lt. Cmdr. Lucas Calvin
- Lt. (j.g.) Eliza Bailey
- Ensign Scott Gallahan


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