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OOC: Please put the repairs thread here for main engineering. I am not sure where we were, but I will pick up. GM feel free to push the thread along.

IC: After getting all the solar panels up, Riker was proud of his team. Whether or not the work our bear any fruit was still unknown.

Lt. Riker MacMoragh

“Sir, we’re getting a charge. But it’d take at least two or three days before we would have any usable power for the systems onboard to allow reasonable usde of the main computer to run on a 24 hour basis and allowing to regenerate the power to recharge during the day. Using the replicator would use the 2-3 day charge immediately, unfortunately. We were able to make the solar panels out of materials we were to re-use, thanks to Science’s help with some chemicals they found.”


Natalie nodded “Understood, we’ll try to keep things to a minimum.” She said as she turned to head back into the ship “McMoragh, let’s go see what we can do to get main power back on line.” She said running a dozen different simulations through her mind and looking at the best outcome, which none of them really had a best outcome.


“Aye, Captain” replied McMoragh as he helped sim the computer simulations.

McMoragh examined the possibilities and looked to his Engineering team.

“Do any of you have any ideas?” asked McMoragh.

Lt. (j.g.) Riker McMoragh, CE

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