Outside the Anomaly

Posted Sept. 16, 2020, 4:56 p.m. by Commander Jevek (Second Officer) (Jason Lee)

Jevek was recently assigned to the USS Asimov, but due to certain circumstances beyond his control, he missed the USS Asimov by a few days of its shakedown cruise after leaving Starbase 243. Upon arriving, he discovered that Starbase 243 had lost the USS Asimov from long range sensors and disappeared. The Starbase had sent a number of probes towards the Asimov’s last known coordinates, but only to return with nothing. The ship that Jevek arrived on, the USS Novak, happened to be a Discovery-class vessel, that had stopped by Starbase 243 for slight refitting of its mission module – they had just completed a diplomatic mission, and were refitting for the Advanced Science Module for some deep exploration.

Due to the Asimov being missing, the Novak had been temporarily reassigned to assist in the search efforts. With the refit completed, the Novak had set out to the last known coordinates, and discovered the warp trail into the anomaly. Interference from the anomaly was too great, and the gravitometric interference nearly had pulled the Novak in direct from warp, like the Asimov did. It was only by the grace of the Advanced Science Module sensors did the Novak avoid the same fate as the Asimov. They had stopped out of range of the anomaly, and began transmitting a warning buoy for passing ships to stay away from the area.

Jevek requested to pilot a shuttle along with another NE to try to scan the anomaly up close, but unfortunately the shuttle got pulled in, and the Novak was unable to transport Jevek out.

Commander Jevek, 2O
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