Pre-Sim - Sickbay - Captain's Check-in

Posted Sept. 20, 2020, 8:23 p.m. by Captain Simon Starr (Commanding Officer) (Ben Simons)

Posted by Captain Simon Starr (Commanding Officer) in Pre-Sim - Sickbay - Captain’s Check-in
Starr had managed to get himself settled into his new quarters and found he had some spare time. He decided now as the time to get the medical and psychological examinations done. Sickbay was just down the corridor, so it made sense to get that done first. He knew these were just part of business, but he always made a chance to have these opportunities to find out more about the people he was interacting with, and it would be a good opportunity to introduce himself to the medical staff.

Making his way to sickbay, he looked for the current duty nurse and walked over. “Greetings Ensign, I’m here for my boarding medical. Let the CMO know that I’d also like an opportunity to introduce myself to her as well,” Starr said with a southern British accent. Standing just under six foot two with short brown hair, and obvious that he kept himself athletically fit. His records showed that he was once close to an IED but no permanent damage was caused.

“If I could…” the Ensign began before noticing the pips on Starr’s collar. “Oh, my apologies Captain, I should have just seen the pips and knew,” she said. “If you take that biobed over there, I’ll get one of the doctors to see you as soon as possible,” the duty nurse said, pointing to one of the free biobeds. Simon nodded and perched on the edge, waiting for a doctor to come and see him.

Captain Simon Starr, CO


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