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Amber shook her head in disbelief. “There are various quantum signatures in the room, but the door is reading like a stable parallel wormhole. It seems no matter where you come from, you get here. And your signature is what links you to your home wormhole to get you back.” She had such a look of awe on her face it was more than evident to those at the table as she lifted her eyes from the tricorder to look at each of the other party members.


OOC: I would like to clarify my previous post. Say that the crew members of the ship are group A, the customers of the world that the ship crashed on is group B, and the staff of the restaurant is group C. Group A does not equal group B, group A does not equal to group C, group B does not equal group C. In plain terms: The Asimov has crashed into a parallel universe. The restaurant also happens to be in a different parallel universe from the world that the Asimov has crashed on AND a different parallel universe from their own.


“So if we’re in one of… who knows how many universes interacting with this wormhole. We can assume the Asimov itself is in a whole different universe from where it began. So, if the wormhole as we observe it, is this door…” Sara pondered for a moment. As we observe it. What’s the theoretical outer limit and did we somehow pass through it? “Donnelly. Give me an idea of the scale of the wormhole itself.”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

OOC: I’m going to assume the NE is named Donnelly…

“I believe, as I observed, Commander, for a lack of a better description… portal, is only linked between this universe and the one that the Asimov crash landed in. A fixed anchor point between two universes, that happen to be encased in that Japanese sliding door. As there is no mechanism that seems to be controlling it, I would hazard to guess that the employees of the restaurant are not responsible for it.”


Amber was silent then sighed. “Well, at least we have a good place to eat while here. The question is, how does a ‘door’ to Earth restaurant will assist us. Either we are missing something, or this is merely an isolate anomaly.” She wasn’t very good at theories, or physics, but she wasn’t sure how a wormhole as small as a door, and as far from the ship as it was, could be of any help to them. It seemed, in conjunction with the odd properties of the island, this planet was merely one giant universal ‘goof’ of all things weird.


“Maybe the staff can assist us with supplies and information,” replied Donnelly, “We still don’t even know the name of this city we are in.”


Sara thought for a moment about how to ask without raising too much suspicion. She waited for the waitress to return and said “You’ll have to excuse my Japanese. I’m new to the area. Can I ask you what you know about this place?”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Kiernan noticed the meal rush had died down, so there were less customers.

Lillian Hated Time travel and parallel universes
“why we couldn’t just crash on a normal planet. Nope my First mission in starfleet has to be a time travel one” Lillian shock her head as the others discussed the paradox that they now found them selves in
“so do we think that the planet is a Time travel and parallel universes planet or just this island? and if sop how many Universes are there on this planet?”
Lillian took a drink of her tea and took to watching the door for changes

Lillian Anderson Security

Finally, they were the only group left in the restaurant and the waitress returned. The Commander asked the question of the waitress, and she promptly replied.

“Oh, no worries, the translation magic allows me to converse with any visitor who visits our lovely restaurant. You are in the city of Alryne on the planet Drasulia,” replied the waitress, “But you mentioned Japanese so if you are asking where on Earth this restaurant resides… we’re actually on the outskirts of Tokyo. Have you decided on what you wish to order? Though you are dressed oddly with bright colors that are unusual of our regulars, I take it somehow you are from Earth and could read English.”


Amber wasn’t sure to be surprised or not that the waitress knew not only where she was, but where they were coming from. She glanced to the others in query as to how much they were actually going to reveal about themselves. “I’ll just have an order of dumplings please, steamed. And an ice tea.” If they were here, they might as well eat. Who knew when the ship would be up and running again. Rations needed to be spared as much as possible. She nodded to the others to at least grab ‘something’ to eat while here.


“Dumplings sound fantastic. Just… tell me one more thing. The visitors you get. When and where do they come from?” Sara asked.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

“Mostly from the city, Alryne. There are travelers who have heard of our restaurant through the nation which is named Eladoria. Alryne is the 5th largest city in the nation. Our front door is connected to Drasulia while our backdoor is connected to Earth. We have been connected to Drasulia since we opened 2 years ago. We don’t have any customers from Earth. Our backdoor doesn’t remotely look like a restaurant entrance anyway. Two orders of dumplings, Taisho!”


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Sara glanced around and noticed patrons transferring small items to their tables before leaving. “What are those?”

“The currency of this world,” replied the waitress.

“I’m afraid we brought no currency.” She admitted. “How did you know to bring us English menus?”

“Your clothing is unique and more modern, so I presumed you were from our world, but the translation magic was still active so the Japanese was slightly odd.”

Lillian looked around and noted the same thing ” Currency , That could crate a problem?”
“Maybe we can trade” Lillian reached under here civilian clothes’ and took out here Ensign pip and showed the table
“I mean gold still has value in most places”

Sara didn’t want to violate the prime directive on any earth. “Have you had any other visitors who were… surprised to find you here?”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Ensign Lillian Anderson Security

“That would be every visitor. But you seem different. As a waitress, it is my job to be hyper observant. You did not take surprise to the modern conveniences.”


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