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Posted Sept. 27, 2020, 5:51 a.m. by Commander Jevek (Second Officer) (Jason Lee)

Posted by Lieutenant Piper Grant (Chief of Security) in Main Sim - Crashed Island, Day 3, Evening (Tag: CO, CSO or COS)

Posted by Commander Jevek (Second Officer) in Main Sim - Crashed Island, Day 3, Evening (Tag: CO, CSO or COS)

Posted by Lieutenant Piper Grant (Chief of Security) in Main Sim - Crashed Island, Day 3, Evening (Tag: CO, CSO or COS)
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Jevek was recently assigned to the USS Asimov, but due to certain circumstances beyond his control, he missed the USS Asimov by a few days of its shakedown cruise after leaving Starbase 243. Upon arriving, he discovered that Starbase 243 had lost the USS Asimov from long range sensors and disappeared. The Starbase had sent a number of probes towards the Asimov’s last known coordinates, but only to return with nothing. The ship that Jevek arrived on, the USS Novak, happened to be a Discovery-class vessel, that had stopped by Starbase 243 for slight refitting of its mission module – they had just completed a diplomatic mission, and were refitting for the Advanced Science Module for some deep exploration.

Due to the Asimov being missing, the Novak had been temporarily reassigned to assist in the search efforts. With the refit completed, the Novak had set out to the last known coordinates, and discovered the warp trail into the anomaly. Interference from the anomaly was too great, and the gravitometric interference nearly had pulled the Novak in direct from warp, like the Asimov did. It was only by the grace of the Advanced Science Module sensors did the Novak avoid the same fate as the Asimov. They had stopped out of range of the anomaly, and began transmitting a warning buoy for passing ships to stay away from the area.

Jevek requested to pilot a shuttle along with another NE to try to scan the anomaly up close, but unfortunately the shuttle got pulled in, and the Novak was unable to transport Jevek out.

Commander Jevek, 2O
(aka GM)

As the shuttle experienced the same effects as the Asimov, and Zank’s ship, it began to crash towards the ocean, off the island. Fortunately, some skillful piloting and using the thrusters adjusted the crash landing to be on the other side of the island, about 500 meters away from the Asimov. Both Zank, his wife and some of Asimov crew watched as the shuttle crashed. It was brilliant fireball that crashed into the island, right at water’s edge on the beach. The shuttle was practically destroyed on impact, and the plasma storm had pretty much started a fire within the shuttle’s EPS system, destroying all the power systems and fusion generators along with it.

Jevek was severely injured, and was bleeding out. The young ensign who accompanied him, had died – a head wound from the hull of the shuttle had crushed the young man, killing him instantly. Despite bleeding out, Jevek managed to awake after the crash, and he used the sleeves of uniform to apply pressure to the wound. He could feel his leg bones were broken so he wasn’t able to move. He logically deduced that help would arrive soon, given the nature of his shuttle crash, but he could not estimate how long.


The loud crash could be heard and the impact shook the ground. A security NE who was standing guard ran back inside to alert the CSO, COS and CO. The security NE found a three other fellow crew members who ran off to the locations where the CSO, COS and CO would be at, while the security NE returned back to his guard post.


Piper felt the shudder of the ground before anything else and ran toward the direction of the fireball, diverting from returning to the Asimov and the Captain. Based on what she saw, she wasn’t sure there would be any survivors. The shuttle had come in fast and hard.


The shuttle was in pieces, scattered around the crash site. About the only thing left was an exposed cockpit area. The seawater had begun to fill in the crater impact that it made on the beach. A lone Vulcan seemed to be holding something against his body, still sitting in the shuttle pilot’s seat, while half of cockpit was caved in onto the second seat – which had killed whoever was sitting there.


Solit was unsure why he had been summoned and not, say, a medical officer, but nonetheless, he answered the summons as quickly as he could. Another crash so soon after the Asimov’s hard landing was definitely unexpected. If there was anyone who had survived, Commander Idari wondered when and where they were from. When he got to the site, he raised his left brow ridge - uncharacteristic for his Cardassian ridges, but indicative (along with his ears) of his Vulcan heritage.

OOC: You are the second highest ranking officer, because presumably, the XO is still out on their away mission at this stage. Along with the CMO. I presume that a nurse NE can appear with you guys …


“A Starfleet shuttle. It would seem that our disappearance did not warrant a full vessel to investigate.”

Solit’s annoyance was, he knew, somewhat unwarranted. After the Enterprise‘s encounter with the Crystalline Entity, Starfleet protocols regarding vessel disappearances with unknown causes had skewed toward the idea of not disappearing along with the first crew.

(Commander Idari, CSO)

Piper looked around and knelt next to the Vulcan looking for anything that would stop the bleeding so that they could at least get him back to the Asimov “See if you can find a first aid kit or something to help make bandages.” She said as she began trying to assess the injuries.


Jevek heard Piper’s voice and awoken. “I am… Commander Jevek,” replied Jevek, slowly, as he tried to bare with the pain.

Commander Jevek, 2O

Piper looked at the Commander “Welcome back Commander. We’ll try to get you stabilized and get you back to the Asimov. Just keep talking to me.” She said “How did you manage to end up here? Were you part of a rescue mission?” She asked trying to keep the Commander talking until she could make bandages to at least stem the flow of blood.


“Yes, USS Novak, a Discovery-class vessel outfitted with the Advanced Science Mission Module. This was one of their shuttles,” said Jevek, saying the words slowly, as he was in great pain but tried not to show it, “We detected the anomaly and managed to drop out of warp before falling to the same fate the Asimov did. The anomaly was interfering with advanced sensors, and probes we attempted to send did not have the propulsion capacity to escape the anomaly. I volunteered to take a shuttle for a closer look. We were not successful in escaping the gravitational pull of the anomaly, but we were actively linked with the Novak’s computers, so presumably they have more sensor data than they previously had. I would hypothesize that the USS Novak will be attempting to figure out how to counter act the anomaly.”

Commander Jevek

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