Pre-Sim : Checking in with Department Head (T'Mor, CSO) - USS Asimov

Posted Oct. 2, 2020, 11:41 p.m. by Ensign T’Mor (Science Officer) (Ava Henson)

One could use the word… disheartened. The science facilities on the Asimov, on first impressions, were underwhelming. Especially compared with what she had experienced on her cadet cruise. She eventually visited the lab herself, with the intention of meeting the Chief Science Officer. It was exactly as she had read about in the specifications. Though she acknowledged the usefulness of such a compact set-up, and it was necessary for the size of the vessel. Still, it was not very fitting of a Vulcan to visibly show such thoughts. So instead she quietly and politely looked around the lab before stopping and waiting to meet her new Department Head.

Ensign T’Mor, Science Department

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