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Posted by Gamemaster Janus (Gamemaster) in Main Sim - Crashed Island, Day 3, Evening (Tag: CO, CSO or COS)

Posted by Commander Idari Solit (Chief Science Officer) in Main Sim - Crashed Island, Day 3, Evening (Tag: CO, CSO or COS)
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Piper looked around and knelt next to the Vulcan looking for anything that would stop the bleeding so that they could at least get him back to the Asimov “See if you can find a first aid kit or something to help make bandages.” She said as she began trying to assess the injuries.


Jevek heard Piper’s voice and awoken. “I am… Commander Jevek,” replied Jevek, slowly, as he tried to bare with the pain.

Commander Jevek, 2O

Piper looked at the Commander “Welcome back Commander. We’ll try to get you stabilized and get you back to the Asimov. Just keep talking to me.” She said “How did you manage to end up here? Were you part of a rescue mission?” She asked trying to keep the Commander talking until she could make bandages to at least stem the flow of blood.


“Yes, USS Novak, a Discovery-class vessel outfitted with the Advanced Science Mission Module. This was one of their shuttles,” said Jevek, saying the words slowly, as he was in great pain but tried not to show it, “We detected the anomaly and managed to drop out of warp before falling to the same fate the Asimov did. The anomaly was interfering with advanced sensors, and probes we attempted to send did not have the propulsion capacity to escape the anomaly. I volunteered to take a shuttle for a closer look. We were not successful in escaping the gravitational pull of the anomaly, but we were actively linked with the Novak’s computers, so presumably they have more sensor data than they previously had. I would hypothesize that the USS Novak will be attempting to figure out how to counter act the anomaly.”

Commander Jevek

Piper nodded “Okay. Well that’s more than what we had five minutes ago.” She said “Do you think you can get up if we help you walk?” She asked.


“I can say with some certainty that is a possibility, Lieutenant. Though I might risk bleeding out, this wound appears to be deep. I do not suppose a makeshift stretcher could be used?”

Commander Jevek

Solit had been searching the foliage near the wreck for anything useful, since he was certain that checking the wreckage itself for medical supplies would result in additional medical issues. The information on local fauna that Zank had given him was particularly useful in this. He looked for leaves and vines to fashion some bandages.

He managed to find some.

On his way back to the wreck, Commander Idari also looked for anything that could be beams and a hammock.

With some luck, he discovered some branches broken by the crash, but they would require some work to make a makeshift hammock.

Solit walked up to Jevek and Grant with foliage in hand. “This isn’t a permanent solution, but it should help.”

(Commander Idari, CSO)

At this point, Engineering had gotten a half of the commbadge modifications, and having no comms for three days, they might have forgotten they could request some NEs to bring an anti-gravity stretcher.


Solit quickly assembled some makeshift bandages to stabilize Jevek. He had overheard enough to know that Starfleet had, in fact, dispatched a vessel to investigate the disappearance. Once Commander Idari had finished with the bandages, he began to apply them.

“This is probably going to hurt. Now, if you don’t feel like waiting, we can improvise a hammock. Otherwise, I can see how well our combadge range is working over non-subspace frequencies.”

“I am in no hurry, Commander. I feel more pain when I move regardless,” replied Jevej.

=/\= Idari to Asimov. Could you dispatch an anti-gravity stretcher and some crew? There’s a survivor from the shuttle crash, and we can fashion a way to move him, but it would probably be safer to use as much tech as we have available. =/\=

(Commander Idari, CSO)

=/\= Ensign Praesidio, here, Commander. I’ll inform someone in Sickbay and have two security officers enroute to you immediately. =/\=

Two nurses, and two security officers arrived with an anti-gravity stretcher. They stopped the bleeding on Jevek and put him on the stretcher, then carried him back to the ship.

Commander Idari would find the “black box” recorder intact, if he looked hard enough.


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