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Simon was stretchered into Sickbay on an antigrav bed, his legs obviously crushed by something recently. It was a simple fix with a dermal regenerator, but it was going to be a few hours before he could walk again. The doctor that reported to the ready room informed the sickbay of the situation and that the amount of time his legs spent crushed was unknown. It didn’t take long for him to be put on a biobed, awaiting medical treatment.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

OOC: GM: Feel free to have Jevek meet Simon also injured from outside when it comes around to it

OOC: Going to create a separate thread for Jevek and Simon here:

I’m going to leave this thread for Medical to play out.


Megan had been running around sickbay with a look of chaotic order as she remained calm and took to each injured person with the care of them being the only one there. She had some of the nurses and more astute crew helping her out and when the CO came in, she was ready. Pointing to the bed for him, she waited for the stronger crewmen present to move him and get the gravbed out of the way then moved up with a smile, despite her obviously haggard look. “How are you Captain? I know you were hurt, so the question is more about your mental state than your physical one.” She was almost overly analytical in her speaking as if fearing to say something wrong, so clarifying every statement. “I’m going to scan your leg now. Obviously they are crushed, but I need to put the scans in the computer so the regenerator knows what its looking at for the…” she bit her lip and paused. “Sorry, Sir. I talk to much.” She set the hypo to his neck from the pocket in her lab coat. Immediately the pain would begin to subside. “Hopefully this helps.”

She set to work scanning his legs to see just how bad it was.

NE Megan Trueheart

Simon gave a soft pat. “Ensign, I’ve been in close proximity to an explosion before, a cabinet over my legs for some time is nothing,” he reassured her. “I started in Security so I’m used to getting hurt,” he chuckled as the scans were taken. The ankle had broke and there was a small fracture on the Tibia, but nothing the Dermal Regenertaor wouldn’t be able to fix.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

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