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“Don’t mind my colleagues. We are traders and while they say we have no money. We have few items to trade. feel free to take a look at the gems in this bag. I’m sure one or some of them will cover the costs.” she said simply faking kindness it wasn’t the first or last time she had to do that.

Sara didn’t want to violate the prime directive on any earth. “Have you had any other visitors who were… surprised to find you here?”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Ensign Lillian Anderson Security

“Surprised? Well, that would be an accurate assessment… But once they have the food, they can’t stop coming back.”

Lane surveys the room trying to pick out everything she could while she waited for the waitress to answer.

Lieut Lane (Intellignace)

Currency hadn’t even crossed Amber’s mind and she privately chided herself because of it. She was glad others had the foresight to bring barter items. Sitting back and sipping her drink, she waited for the waitress’ reaction to both the questions and the gems. It would certainly be telling of just how much this place was aware of who and what they were in the scheme of the universe.


“Your meal is on the house,” said the waitress, “Our regular customers provide us with a comfortable income which allows us to treat people in need, such as yourselves. There is still something unusual about your group of people, I can not quite place it.”


“What’s life without a little mystery” Lane said simply “Unless of course you’re referring to my Burns” she said gesturing to the clearly visible burn mark over her eye “There was an incident, years ago. I’ve been able to find decent help for it. I don’t suppose you know of anyone who might be able to help me?” she asked thinking about the wizard they saw when they first spotted the town. If she could get a name and location that would be a start. Then getting in would be easy.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

“I was not referring to your burns. Just… your Japanese is a little too perfect. The cleric at the church might be able to assist you, or you can try the apothecary. They carry some unusual magical potions that our patrons claim that works wonders. The magic shop can only sell a Cure spell but you’d have to have an aptitude in magic,” replied the waitress.


“Maybe I just have a very talented tongue” Rebecca said with a wink “Magic blooms only in a rear few or so I’ve heard, but it still worth an ask . Having all those places so close must make it very busy in here” she added after a short pause.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

“If I may be so bold, but you jest at magic, however that parallel universe beyond our shop’s front door is different from anything I’ve ever known or seen in my life. Which only serves to reinforce that you are not of that world… or at least a world that is more grounded in science,” replied the waitress. The waitress served the group their order, which the chef had just completed.


Amber laughed. “You must see lots of folks. You are very astute. But we cannot dismiss things like magic and the unknown for just that reason. Is science merely the explanation of things magical?” She smiled and nodded. Many things people had done thru the centuries and thru all species, at one time were thought divine or magical. Once the scientific explanations came out, it was merely science after that. But it was magic which began the world that lead to them being in space, afterall.


“It is my job to observe people carefully,” smiled the waitress, “But perhaps it is a world where the known laws of science operate slightly differently.”


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