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A medical tricorder scan of the Captain showed some broken ribs and bones due to from being crushed from the wardrobe. Fortunately, there was no internal bleeding, and most of the injuries could be healed using a bone regenerator. The ribs could be healed completely, as it would be necessary to do so, but other broken bones would require a more manual treatment to conserve power for the bone regenerator units. (OOC: I’m leaving it up to Ben to decide if he wants a broken arm or a broken leg or both.)


As the wardrobe was lifted off, another jolt of pain went through Simon’s leg. As he tried to move, however, the leg just didn’t come up with him. He let the doctor do his thing, but with his leg out of action, getting to sickbay on his own ‘two feet’ wasn’t going to be easy. With a grunt, he shifted himself into a more stable position now that he was free from the wardrobe crushing down on his leg. “I need painkillers and a report, what happened?” he asked MacMoragh. “The last thing I remember is getting a bit too close to that anomaly,” he said.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

“One thing at a time Captain, let the doctors look at your first” responded MacMoragh.

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Riker MacMoragh, CE

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IC: Starr nodded. “Agreed, painkillers first,” he said, as he waited for someone to arrive from sickbay. His leg still felt numb, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed by the doctor. He thought of all the ways it could have been worse, and just let out a light chuckle. “My first command, and we crash…” he said with a sigh.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

As the medics worked on the Captain, MacMoragh responded further:

“It’s bad, sir. We are grounded–we have no real power–expect what we have managed to get going through solar panels (long story) and there is no way to contact Star-fleet for help. In short, its as bad as it gets.”

MacMoragh, CE

The soft hum of the regenerator the doctor brought filled the room briefly as the crushed nerves began to be repaired in the leg. “In that case, our priority right now is life support. Keep that stable, and start diagnostics on all systems. See if we can’t figure out how to get out of this place, or at least flying again,” Starr responded. He gave a few moments for the doctor to finish, when they did so saying to “take it easy over the next couple of days while your body does the rest of the work, but you should be fine,”

Starr turned to the doctor for a moment and nodded. “I’ll most likely be sitting in a chair, not too much stress. So, let’s get this ship up and running again,” he commented as he slowly stood himself back up. The room took a moment to adjust from the difference, but once he was able to made his way towards the door of the ready room, going to the centre chair and so far he had only heard from engineering. He turned to the console and looked through the reports to check casualties and other department status. Noticing that there was an away team on the island they crashed on that they had lost contact with.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

OOC: I’m going to interject here. There is one fusion generator maintaining life support. So, let’s assume that the Chief Engineer reported that, and move on…

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“It appears you’ll have to use the makeshift lift that Engineering made to get between decks, sir,” replied the doctor, “But we should take you to sickbay and have you examined further.”


IC: “Captain, you should do as the doctor suggests and I will get back to engineering and see what else we can get running” suggested MacMoragh.

Riker MacMoragh, CE

Starr nodded and with the doctor’s help, made his way to sickbay through the manual lift. It felt like dragging two heavy weights with each step that he took, but thankfully the initial treatment at least made it possible for him to travel a short distance, though aided. He had no idea how long his legs were crushed for. Limping his way into sickbay, he found the duty nurse, the medical officer explaining the situation as he was guided to a free biobed.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

Brigette was wiping sweat from her brow as she finished a bit of skin regen on an engineers hand and saw him back on his way to help fix the ship. Her brunette hair had been in a perfect inspection ready coiled bun on her head at the beginning of the day. Or perhaps it had been such yesterday. However long she had been up, it had slowly come undone and was barely pulled back in a loose knotted ponytail, whisps of chestnut tendrils framing her face as if in anticipation of the rest of the hair joining it soon. She was all of five feet six inches tall. But in the chaos of the tossed and half full medical bay, she seemed twice that size in the way she had taken charge and ordered the other doctors and nurses around in the absence of the Medical Chief.

She turned around, a huge sigh on her lips of fatigue till she saw the Captain was the newest comer. “Captain! My apologies.” She grabbed her tricorder from her pocket and came over to him. She quickly ushered one of the other nurses to help some of the others and made sure the Captain was her only occupation at the moment. “What happened?” She helped make him comfortable on the biobed, the best she could, and began the scan.

NE Brigette Andrews
Head Nurse

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