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Maybe I just have a very talented tongue” Rebecca said with a wink “Magic blooms only in a rear few or so I’ve heard, but it still worth an ask . Having all those places so close must make it very busy in here” she added after a short pause.

Lieut Lane (Intelligence)

“If I may be so bold, but you jest at magic, however that parallel universe beyond our shop’s front door is different from anything I’ve ever known or seen in my life. Which only serves to reinforce that you are not of that world… or at least a world that is more grounded in science,” replied the waitress. The waitress served the group their order, which the chef had just completed.


Amber laughed. “You must see lots of folks. You are very astute. But we cannot dismiss things like magic and the unknown for just that reason. Is science merely the explanation of things magical?” She smiled and nodded. Many things people had done thru the centuries and thru all species, at one time were thought divine or magical. Once the scientific explanations came out, it was merely science after that. But it was magic which began the world that lead to them being in space, afterall.


“It is my job to observe people carefully,” smiled the waitress, “But perhaps it is a world where the known laws of science operate slightly differently.”


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Rebecca had been listening intently. So the waitress was form another world was she. It would explain how she guessed them and why she was referring to the world outside as a different one. Surly someone born of this world what not call i a parallel universe. “Sounds to me like your the one from another world, How did you find yourself here?” she asked simply .

lieut Lane (intelligence)

“I? I was born in this world. But we have many stories about the existence of parallel worlds… and I happen to be a fan of that fictional works. I do know that we have a few customers who are mages and wizards… and they have, in fact, performed magic in this shop – at least it seemed like magic. If they use science but their town looks like something out of a fairy tale – something doesn’t add up. I do go into town to purchase local ingredients from time to time,” replied the waitress.

OOC: For clarification, she’s just knows about such worlds. But she’s from a parallel Earth, one based in science. It’s just she’s not denying that magic might exist.


Amber smiled. “Well I hate to tell you, but even scientists believe in magic. Even those who claim it doesn’t exist. If we didn’t, nothing would be explored, or created. We would simply say ‘it can’t be’ and it wouldn’t.” She knew not every scientist believed in magic, per se. But she knew they all believed in the unknown. It was what ninety nine percent of them were out here exploring for.


“You sound skeptical,” remarked the waitress, “There is a magic shop. Perhaps you should take a look yourselves.”


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