Side-Sim: Boarding Party - Holosuite - Open to All

Posted Nov. 12, 2020, 2:52 a.m. by Captain Simon Starr (Commanding Officer) (Ben Simons)

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Posted by Captain Simon Starr (Commanding Officer) in Side-Sim: Boarding Party - Holosuite - Open to All
Starr had just finished sending the latest update to his mother and father. That he was now a Federation Starship Captain. He couldn’t help but think back to the farm briefly, and the faces of gleeful surprise on their faces when they heard the news for the first time. Unlike his brother, Starr had done well. There was still the fact that he was wanted in connection to some Orion crime syndicate business, but for now it was something to put at the back of his mind. They had both made their choices, it seemed.

Simon decided it was time to check out the ship’s crew. The Asimov was a combat vessel, and Starr was a security officer before he changed into the command uniform. The holosuite was his choice of venue, and currently a programme running a small program. There was a bar and a few tables, and the mess hall could have certainly done the job, but it was missing the barkeep, and the rustic feeling that this homely tavern gave off. A holographic fireplace up against one wall gave a light glow and outside the night sky giving off a brightly starred night in the middle of seemingly nowhere.

“Computer, Begin Program,” Starr said as he looked around at the finishing touches. A notification had already been sent to everyone’s PaDD that the captain wished to meet his crew in the holosuite.

“You just gonna stand there like a lost tellarite or are you going to make an order?” the barkeep asked Simon as soon as the program began running. Simon politely waved his hand and the barkeep shrugged and went back to washing mugs.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

Sara walked in first. “Good evening Captain.” She greeted him.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

“Evening Commander,” Simon replied as the XO greeted. “It’s not as pointless as it looks,” he said, gesturing to the room. There was a way he said it that suggested that something was going to happen during the simulation, though he didn’t say what. Just that he had made some sort of adjustment in the program and was looking intently at a single corner of one of the tables for no obvious reason.

While Simon seemed to be working on something at one of the other tables, the holographic barkeep waved to Sara. “So, are you going to get something or are you also going to be a stingy Ferengi about having a drink like the captain?” it asked the XO.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

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