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Posted by Lieutenant Amber Donnelly (Chief Medical Officer) in Beach - Main Sim (TAG Amber, Anderson, Kiernan, Lane, GM)


“No need to worry about that doctor, the portal is stable for whatever reason. We can return here and back to the other universe with no issues at all,” replied the NE, “I checked with the tricorder.”


Sara nodded. “If you’re sure it’s stable. Signal them to have a look around, civilian dress if possible. Minimise the damage.”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

It was then, Lane said she wasn’t feeling so well.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I’m confused. There’s only five of us here, and with Ms. Lane not feeling well, she seems that she needs to return home. Did you want me and the doc to check out the magic shop, ma’am?” asked the NE.


“Fine.” Sara said. “I’ll escort Lane back, you check out the magic shop.”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

“Aye ma’am,” replied the NE.

OOC: Since Anderson is also AWOL, I presume that character is going back to the ship too, or at least man the raft


((Am I blind? I don’t see an Anderson on the roster (character or player) … lol))

OOC: There use to be a Ensign Lillian Anderson, from Security

Amber nodded. “Guess we’re going shopping. Want us to pick you up a luck charm or shrunken head, Kiernan?” She smiled to the XO teasing. “On a serious note, I’d still like to voice my opinion that letting too many off the ship and away from it at once is a mistake. But if it’s stable like you say, then I guess I don’t object to small groups.” She knew she was overstepping on her complaint, but she wanted it on the record she was still feeling a bit uneasy.

As a quick thought, she pulled out her tricorder and tried, surreptitiously to scan Lane just to be sure it wasn’t anything local that was making her feel bad. She just hoped the blasted thing worked in here.


OOC: Question, is the scan being done inside or outside the restaurant? I presume the good Doctor is doing it out of sight…

The tricorder indicated it was a case of awolitis. It was not easily spread, and not highly contagious, just it was very random how it struck random crew members.


“Noted and agreed doctor.” Sara said and she moved to lead those headed back to the ship.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Amber and the NE headed out with the group after a quick direction check from the waitress on the whereabouts of the magic shop. As figured it was the place they had suspected earlier. Amber took a deep breath and opened the door to step in. Moving to let her companion in as well, she glanced around trying to place half of what she saw into a context she could understand.

((So me and an NE are all that’s left on the team in town?… just checking))

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