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Lieutenant Junior Grade Avlyn was assigned to the Asimov, and had arrived to the Starbase per her orders. But upon arriving, she discovered that the delays getting to the Starbase resulted her in missing Commander Jevek, who was assigned as the second officer to the ship. Jevek had also missed the Asimov before its initial shakedown cruise departure, but was informed that the Asimov was missing, and had gone on the USS Novak commanded by Captain Starr to find the Asimov. Starfleet’s current orders were to have Avlyn stay on the Starbase until further notice, but the quartermaster could not assign her quarters due to the fact she arrived during a trade conference, and quarters were simply just not available for at the moment.


Lindsey came into the Quartermaster’s office at the tail end of the ‘sorry we have no quarters’ speech. Setting the PaDD down, the young woman looked at the JG and shrugged. “There’s extra room in my quarters. I mean, it’s not fancy. My old roommate left last week for her station rotation.” She held her hand out and smiled. “I’m Lindsey. I help the Quartermaster when I can and make his life hell when I can’t.” She winked at the man behind the desk who merely grunted then looked back down to hide a slight smile.

“So… if you want, you are welcome to join me for a few days till the Conference is over and he can find you proper quarters.” She nodded over her shoulder in invitation to follow her. “So are you going someplace deeper into the dark, or heading back to Earth, that brings you here?”

NE Ensign Lindsey Tiltor
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