Side-Sim: Meeting the Boss

Posted Nov. 20, 2020, 10:57 a.m. by Ensign Elliot Finnegan (Engineering Officer) (Nathan Miller)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Riker MacMoragh (Chief Engineer) in Side-Sim: Meeting the Boss

Posted by Ensign Elliot Finnegan (Engineering Officer) in Side-Sim: Meeting the Boss

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Riker MacMoragh (Chief Engineer) in Side-Sim: Meeting the Boss
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Elliot gave his usual half-smile to the brunette transporter officer as the machinery around him wound down from its cycle. He was pleased when she smiled back. “Welcome aboard the Asimov,” she said, then glanced at her console. “We have your belongings coming in on one of the cargo transporters on deck 3, you can pick them any time you want to. We have you in room 415, here on deck 4.” She looked up at him again. “I’m also told to direct you to meet the Chief Engineer in engineering, also here on deck 4.”

He was a bit surprised that he’d have to bring his belongings himself, then remembered this was a small ship, with a small crew, designed for fighting, and he’d have to get used to not having the amenities he had on other ships. He nodded to her. “Thank you! I’ll head there right away.” He smiled again before exiting.

Even for a small ship, he was glad he’d memorized the engineering layout so he didn’t get lost on his way, and soon enough found himself staring at the end of the warp core as a few crew discussed readings on PADDs around it. He hadn’t had any experience with horizontally arranged cores like this one. Shouldn’t make much difference, since the matter and antimatter are magnetically delivered anyway, he thought. There weren’t many consoles here, and he knew from his study of the layout that most were on deck 5. He spotted the chief’s office off to one side and approached, ringing the door chime to announce his presence.

Finnegan, Engineering

Raising his head from the PADS he was working on he shouted,

“Enter please.”

MacMoragh, CE

Elliot stepped through the doors, glancing about the room as they hissed close behind him. He stepped up to the desk, placing an isolinear chip on the desk. “My transfer orders, sir. Ensign Elliot Finnegan, reporting.” He assumed a parade rest, hands behind his back.

He was of average height, broad shouldered, with a square jaw and slightly unkempt black hair. His blue eyes always looked like they held mirth, and his lips looked ready to smile at any given moment. Whether those two combined for mischief or just fun couldn’t be told, but his Academy record on the chip definitely held a few reprimands for minor pranks.

Finnegan, Engineering

MacMoragh smiled and responded,

“Take a seat, Ensign and tell about yourself.”

With that he started to review his record.

MacMoragh, CE

Finnegan nodded. “Thank you, sir,” he said, relaxing and seating himself in the proffered chair. “Most of this will be in my record,” he said, gesturing to the screen MacMoragh was looking at. “I graduated the Academy with honors in Engineering in ‘94, and have been aboard the cartographic vessel Piri Reis since then. I specialized in weapon’s systems engineering, but have, of course, the broad spectrum knowledge in warp engine mechanics and other engineering topics required by the Academy. I learned a lot from Lieutenant Zamen, the chief engineer aboard the Reis,” he said, half grin creeping across his face. “He had that famous Andorian temper, but he was an excellent teacher.”

He paused, considering what he should say next. How much of a dossier did the boss want? “I enjoy archery, have my own bow and various holodeck programs I use to keep that skill up. Always something fun to do. I can’t cook worth a damn, though I keep trying,” he said with a laugh, that half-smile now plastered in place. “I’ve given up trying to impress dates with it.”

Finnegan, Engineering

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