Capital City Adenatin, United People’s Kingdom of Aragna

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Avlyn was assigned to the Asimov, and had arrived to the Starbase per her orders. But upon arriving, she discovered that the delays getting to the Starbase resulted her in missing Commander Jevek, who was assigned as the second officer to the ship. Jevek had also missed the Asimov before its initial shakedown cruise departure, but was informed that the Asimov was missing, and had gone on the USS Novak commanded by Captain Starr to find the Asimov. Starfleet’s current orders were to have Avlyn stay on the Starbase until further notice, but the quartermaster could not assign her quarters due to the fact she arrived during a trade conference, and quarters were simply just not available for at the moment.


While the good counselor had sat somewhere to ponder her situation…

Somewhere on the world the Asimov crashed, on the evening of the third day, a magical ritual was happening and had been occurring for many days. 6 robed figures with long beards stood on 6 points of a hexagram. Each robed figured was dressed similarly but their robe colors were different. All six held long staffs with either round gem or round crystal on their ends of their staffs, and all of them were colored according the same to each person’s robe color. The six colors were red, yellow, blue, green, white and black.

The red robed figure represented fire, the yellow robed figure represented earth, the blue robed figure represented water, the green robed figure represented wind, the white robed figure represented light, and the black robed figure represented dark. Each figure stood opposite of what was considered magic that would likely neutralize the other: light and dark, water and fire, earth and wind. The white robed figure stood at the most northern part of the hexagram, which was aligned to the planet’s cardinal north pole. From a clockwise position, the order was light, wind, water, dark, earth, and fire.

These robed figures had been standing and chanting for nearly 40 hours now, with their assistants helping them and even injecting their own power into the arcane hexagram. They were at the verge of collapsing, and tired beyond their years. But this was all in order to summon a hero from another world, one that could save them from the evil that threatened to destroy their world. That evil was a malicious evil demon king who wanted nothing but to rule the entire world.

A hero summoning was something that required enormous amounts of magic, time and patience. It was also incredibly risky, and the magic on how it chose a person was entirely random. It could be from any person from any universe at any point in time. The magic that the 6 robed figures that they needed beyond their natural sources were stored in crystalized form, and had been placed either on them or near them or in the hexagram. The crystals themselves were also colored according to the type of magic they wielded.

More often than not, a hero summoning allowed that person to gain powers that they wouldn’t have access to and abilities that weren’t available to normal people of this world. Heroes of this world gained magical ability to be specialized in all types of magic, not just one or two attributes like most people of this world. They also gained experience through killing monsters and performing tasks, which leveled their stats such as magical ability. Things like a dimensional item storage, which could store items a large amount of items based on the user’s magical ability, and had the ability to freeze an object’s state – so putting a cooked dish, for example, would allow the user access to have said cooked dish as if it was just cooked.

These abilities were just inherit properties of the universe that this world was in, and simply unique because its natural laws operated slightly differently from most other universes. This hero summoning was done in a nation of “beastmen” – humans who had beast like appearances, and could transform into full beasts if they were skilled enough. Their natural state is half beast, half human, that looked fairly natural. (Think: Cat person)

The nation was called the United People’s Kingdom of Aragna, ruled equally by King Aragna the 5th, and Queen Ellistoria. Aragna had a balanced population between beastmen, elves, dwarves and humans. There were other minor races, but they were treated fairly. The nation’s capital was merely 50 kilometers from the Asimov’s crash site, where the hero summoning took place. Aragna had a very handsome Beastman prince who had cat like appearances, and a very handsome princess, who was very human in appearance.

The summoning was taken place deep in the heart of the castle, deep underground, for reasons known to the robed figures. It was in that moment, Lieutenant Junior Grade Avlyn appeared in the summoning circle – as the summoned hero!

Avlyvn would notice that she had a status window, much like a game, and a help menu which explained things about this world as if it were a game… but these were part of the summoning spell to help heroes transition to the world, and to use the specialized tools that were available to them, such as magic and the aforementioned legendary inventory box. Of course, anyone from Starfleet would likely whisper, “Computer, program off” or “Computer, arch” or “Computer, freeze program” but would find out that this was not the holodeck or anything they were captured.


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