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Our story so far…

The USS Asimov was sent on a routine shakedown cruise. But since the shakedown cruise was done slightly prematurely, the shuttlecraft were left behind on the Starbase until they were ready to be sent out. The ship then encountered an unknown anomaly, hit by a plasma storm, and then crashed on an unknown planet on a mostly deserted island. As the ship crashed, a Ferengi ship helped the Asimov to have a softer landing.

At the time, Captain Natalie Greer (CO), Commander Zennneth Kaida (XO), Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy (2O), and Lieutenant Thoon Furood (Chief of Security) were sent out on this mission but due to the unknown effects of the anomaly, they have now been replaced by Captain Simon Starr (CO), Commander Sara Kiernan (XO), and Lieutenant Piper Grant (Chief of Security). Commander Jevek (2O) was assigned to the ship, but did not leave with the ship at the time of departure, and also due to the effects of the anomaly, Lieutenant Commander Keegan Murphy was never assigned to the Asimov.

The crew met with Mr. Zank, the Ferengi who helped them, but discovered that the anomaly had a temporal component, since Zank seemed to have been from a different time period than they were. He indicated he was stranded with his wife for months, and evidence towards that show that he has a small garden, and a very well lived in feeling. He did indicate he used most of his emergency power reserves on the tractor beam which saved the Asimov. Zank told the crew that this world was a fantasy like world but the races and beings here seemed quite alien, and diverse – someone like himself would not appear out of place, as he indicated, suggesting he may have been off the island once or twice at least. He did indicate no one has bothered to visit the island, and both his ship crash and their ship crash didn’t seem to warrant any investigation from the natives. Convinced by Commander Solit, Zank is currently more receptive in helping with no motivates other than to get off the planet with hopes of at least the Asimov tractoring his ship along for the ride.

Commander Jevek later arrived on the crew’s evening of day 3, but it has been at least a week or so since the Asimov was reported missing. Commander Jevek crashed into the planet much the same way the Asimov did, but without the benefit of a tractor beam, crashed further from the Asimov. The shuttlecraft he was in was totally destroyed, and the young ensign who was with him had died. Jevek informed Captain Starr that the USS Novak was now studying the anomaly and that due to interference from the anomaly, sensor readings were almost impossible. Probes sent to the anomaly were broken from the high gravitational stresses and so a shuttlecraft was attempted, with an active communication link to send the data back to the ship. Unfortunately, the shuttlecraft could not escape the gravitational pull of the anomaly, and tractoring the shuttlecraft also failed, resulting in the shuttle’s crash.

Update as of 2020/12/01:
Commander Jevek and Captain Starr were treated in Sickbay, and now are holding a staff meeting. Commander Kiernan returned with Lt. Lane and Security Officer Ensign Anderson since Lt. Lane was not feeling well. Commander Kiernan has joined the staff meeting along with the Chief Engineer, Chief of Security and Chief Science Officer. The Chief Medical Officer and a Science NE are still in town exploring a magic shop they’ve discovered. The crew is in process of collaborating all the information gathered so far.


Engineering has been busy patching the ship’s systems were possible. The resulting plasma storm damaged most electrical systems, leaving only one working fusion generator and no possibility to start the warp core in a safe manner. Engineering has come up with several alternative power solutions, including solar panels, which are now powering sensors and the computer system. Communications is still down, but Engineering is now working around the interference from the island by switching to EM radio only rather than operating in the subspace bands. This work of modifying the communication badges has been slow, and only senior staff have benefitted from the comm-badge alteration. Chief Engineer MacMoragh wants to put a team together to see what parts they could use from Zank’s ship.

Engineering has completed the alterations of the comm-badges for the Command staff, Security and Medical. They are in the process of altering the comm-badges for their department and Science. The comm-badges were altered so that they are re-configurable to switch back to subspace frequencies and added a dual operation mode of operating in both EM and subspace. Operating in dual mode does consume more power, and is generally not recommended to leave the comm-badge in that mode for long periods of time. Tapping the badge once would make the badge work as normal (communication mode), tapping the badge twice in rapid succession would cause the comm-badge to switch modes, and cycle between EM, Subspace and Dual mode. The comm-badge would beep the mode it switched to: once for subspace, twice for EM frequencies and three times for dual mode.


Most of the crew has been healed, but Medical is trying to keep supplies handy and stretched out as best as possible. Triage was set up in one of the Cargo Bays, and now is being moved all back into Sickbay. Medical treated Commander Jevek and Captain Starr.


Security has been guarding the ship, and acting as communication runners since communications has been down. They have been assisting Medical with the injured.


Based on Zank’s detailed reports and through discovery, the Science department through its brilliant leadership of Commander Idari Solit, has discovered that the island is likely artificial, and that it was likely a large asteroid or something that crashed into the planet so long ago. Given the infrequency of the space objects, there is a hypothesis that anomaly is old, and that objects have crashed here over time, resulting the natives not bothering to investigate when something crashes. Commander Idari Solit managed to save the data before the computer wreaked, so scans of the planet, and the anomaly were taken. But without a computer to perform an analysis, an analysis of the data was not possible. That is, until now since Engineering has got the computers running once more.

Away Team:

The away team is in the town across the island, exploring. They have discovered a restaurant in a parallel Earth, and that the universe they were currently in was also a parallel universe. Presumably, they have been exploring the town of all of Day 3, and have not yet returned on Day 4. They found interesting information from the restaurant, and a possible source of food should the ship run low on food supplies. Three away team members returned. The Doctor and the NE are now exploring the magic shop.


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