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Posted Dec. 2, 2020, 1:39 a.m. by Ensign Elliot Finnegan (Engineering Officer) (Nathan Miller)

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On Day 1 of the crash, Ensign Finnegan was sleeping soundly in his shared quarters. The crash, unfortunately, knocked him out cold, and it wasn’t until the second day he woke. As luck would have it, he remained mostly uninjured, simply due to the nature of the bed he slept in, and the location of his quarters. There were a couple of light bruising, but nothing was broken or bleeding. It was like if he was in an earthquake and slept through it. The crash did knock his head hard, and he experience a brief moment of being awake. Since Finnegan was dreaming in his sleep, what he could remember was a dis-jointed dream of reality shifting from the dream world, into the quarters, and then blacking out again followed by returning back to the dream world.

OOC: Feel free to make up your dream. Also, I’m going to be guiding your character from where he was in the crash to the current present timeline.


When Finnegan finally awoke, he was terribly hungry, the power was out, his quarters were completely dark, and he had the extreme urge and need to use the restroom.


Finn reached out to the buxom young woman, who smiled at him, holding out her arms. He smiled back, that half-smile that had won him so many hearts at the Academy. He stepped forward, ready to feel her embrace.

And then she slapped him.

Finn bolted awake as the ship shuddered and his head hit the bulkhead. He grimaced, recognizing the attempts of the inertial dampeners to compensate for… something. For what? What was happening?

Then he was vaulted upwards into the bunk above him and the room was dark again.

She smelled like lilacs, he decided. Yes, lilacs. He nuzzled her hair, inhaling that scent. He couldn’t see her face, or really see her at all, but he just knew she was beautiful. Was the scent her hair, or her skin? It didn’t matter, it was all soft.

His foot throbbed. She must have stepped on it. She should really stop that. Why did she continue to step on his foot? Why was she standing on his foot?

“Move,” he said softly into her hair.

His foot throbbed.

“Please, move,” he whispered.

It hurt more.

He pushed away from her.

“Move!” he yelled, sitting up suddenly in the darkness. His head spun, but settled quickly, since he couldn’t see anything. His foot throbbed where it was tangled in something, something hard. He gasped at the pain, reaching down with his hand. He shifted his body and slipped the appendage out of what he thought was the frame of the table in his room. He pushed aside the lilacs he’d been laying in, the remnants of the table centerpiece, glad the vase didn’t seem to have shattered, or had done so elsewhere.

His eyes slowly adjusted, though all he could really make out were outlines, but that was enough for him to find the storage compartment where he kept his engineering kit, which included a hand-light. He lit it, looking around at the damage.

First thing’s first, he thought, his stomach suddenly making itself known. Food.

He took two steps before turning back toward the back of his room.

Nope. The head.

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