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In the bowls of Engineering, the staff were busy working on altering remaining comm-badges to work on EM frequencies. They made the comm-badges re-configurable to switch back to subspace frequencies and added a dual operation mode as well. Tapping the badge once would make the badge work as normal, tapping the badge twice in rapid succession would cause the comm-badge to switch modes, and cycle between EM, Subspace and Dual mode. The comm-badge would beep the mode it switched to: once for subspace, twice for EM frequencies and three times for dual mode. They did warn that the dual mode consumed more power from the comm-badge, and was not advised to operate for long periods of time. The engineers just completed Command’s, security’s, and medical’s, and were working on their own followed by Science department.

Ensign Finnegan, who remarkably was one of the few persons to come out of the anomaly barely injured, with the exception of a small bruise on his head, was currently figuring out with the rest of the Engineering staff on how to fix the ship and get more power. His colleague, Ensign Fixit, were having a discussion on how to best approach the problem. With the solar


OOC: FYI, this is on the morning of the fifth day.


Finn growled as he fought to keep his hand from trembling, placing the last piece in the combadge to enable EM transmission. “Finally,” he muttered, closing the badge. He pressed it twice, then again, and again, cycling between all the modes, then added it to the pile of completed ones.

He dropped the pair of tweezers he’d been using and rotated his wrist.

“I still think we should work on repairing the fusion reactors,” he said, turning to Fixit. “Solar panels aren’t going to cut it for us.” He massaged his wrist and stood, walking to get blood flowing back into his legs. They’d been working on these badges for a while already. “Does the Ferengi have a working reactor? Or parts for one? How much deuterium do we have between the two ships?”

“I was told that Mr. Zank used his last of his power reserves to use a tractor beam to land the Asimov safely. It blew up his power systems, so between the two ships, we have only one barely working fusion generator, which is still powering life support for our ship. He apparently has enough holes in his ship that life support isn’t required and can act as a shelter at least. The components we need to replace can’t be savaged from our other damaged fusion generators, and we also run the high risk of not being able to power back on the fusion generator if we try to repair it. I tried to, and it nearly shut off completely, but I was able to avert a total failure. From one engineer to another, that fusion generator is running on a tight rope, it’s amazing it’s still working at all, and providing any power at all. While I agree solar power won’t cut it for us, and the water mill that we built that is also helping us to generate electricity, we really don’t have many options unfortunately. We can’t turn on the warp core, because we don’t have the power required to magnetic fields to prevent an antimatter explosion .”

He collapsed back into the seat, rubbing his head in his hands. “Wish we’d hear back from the away teams,” he muttered. “See what kind of power source the locals are using.”

He shook himself and grabbed another badge, prying the cover off.

Finnegan, Engineering

“If we had enough power, the machine shop would be able to make the parts we need. You know, this reminds me of the survival training we had to take at the Academy… but I think this is more challenging.”


Riker walked into Engineering and wanted to know how things were going.

“Report on the progress of the communication badges, please” he ordered.

R. MacMoragh, CE


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