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Simon was recovering well and Sickbay had cleared him for duty once more. Now he needed to find out what he had missed. He straightened his uniform and then he tapped his commbadge.

=/\=Starr to all senior staff, report to the briefing room in 30 minutes.=/\=

Having set up the meeting, it was time to get back to work.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

Jevek showed up promptly. “Feeling better, sir?” inquired Jevek, as he appeared.


“Indeed, it’s easier to Command when you can see everyone,” he said with a smile as he took a seat. “But I’ll be feeling better when our ship is flying again,” he continued. “How are you finding the Asimov?” he asked having given the 2O some time to look around. It was still slightly new as Simon walked through the corridors, reaching places on the ship much quicker than he did on his previous posting.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

“Badly damaged, sir,” replied Jevek, “It is quite astonishing that it is still in one piece.”

Commander Jevek, 2O

“She might be small but she sure is tough,” Simon replied with a smile. The ship wasn’t in the best of states right now, but it was only a matter of time before there might have been something, and then the Chief Engineer’s voice came over the comm. =/\= Captain, this is Lt. MacMoragh. I have an idea how we might get some power, but I am not sure you are going to like it.=/\=

The hopes that he had that things were going to be done soon were slashed as the last few words of the sentance hung in the air. Starr gave a concerned look toward Jevek and went over to the backup terminal. “Go ahead Lieutenant.”

Captain Simon Starr, CO

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=/\=Sir, I think the best way to get the parts we need is by tearing Mr. Zank’s ship. The problem is, he might not just let us. Force might be needed. Either that or a bribe.=/\= came over the comm. Simon looked at Jevek and sighed “Great, dealing with Ferengi. That’s never a headache,” he commented sarcasticly. After the brief exchange, he reactivated the comm. =/\=I’m sure we can come to an arrangement with Mr. Zank. Though I want to know every thing that is salvaged, down to the last screw.=/\= Starr replied. “And let’s hope he won’t try to charge us for what we don’t take,” he said to nobody in particular. “Any news on the away team?” he asked Javek.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

“No sir, nothing yet,” said Javek.

Commander Javek, 2O

=/\= Security to the Captain. I believe I see Commander Kiernan returning back to the ship. =/\=


Simon relaxed a little, at least there could be some updates and they could fill him in on what to expect. It looked like it was going to be a little while longer before the ship got off the ground.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

Commander Idari walked into the room, grumbling to himself and looking down at a PADD. He had so much more information, and a functional computer, and yet, somehow, he still had managed to learn very little that was useful in any practical sense.

“Captain,” Idari said.

Suddenly, reality shifted ever so slightly, and Solit’s demeanor changed from angry and disgruntled to smiling and happy. Somehow, instead of coming from five years on a Concord-class starship with an expansive research department under him for the latter three, his previous assignment as a department head had him spending the past eight years aboard a Trafalgar-class that had seen better days and rarely provided any exciting opportunities for a scientist. In the current situation of reality, Solit had accepted the position because he thought it was a way to advance; before the reality shift, he had turned down the position in the hopes that something better would come along. Suddenly, Solit’s transfer to the Asimov-D wasn’t about non-human representation, it was about putting him on a newer and more capable destroyer than his previous billet.

Ergo, in spite of being on an uncharted planet with no idea where they were and little helpful information beyond that they could survive with the soil available, Commander Idari, who had previously seen everything that had happened, including his assignment to the Asimov, as an inconvenience and a hassle, now saw this as a new opportunity to conduct research.

“I think we can effectively chart much of local space, even if it still means we have no idea where we are relative to the wider universe. Mister Zank’s information about the local soils has provided some interesting thoughts regarding the origins of the island, but it also doesn’t help much - comets are comets, after all.”

(Commander Idari, CSO)
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Sara entered. “Hello Captain. Commanders Idari and Jevek.” She took a careful seat before even attempting to explain the planet.

“Commander,” replied Jevek in the most Vulcan way that was universally understood as neutral.

“There’s something on the planet I do not fully understand. The society most immediately observed is at the medieval stage of development. However, through some sort of stable portal, there is access to Earth, circa 2014. In Japan. According to the locals, the portal doesn’t close, doesn’t fluctuate, it’s just there. Japan seems to get visitors from all over, but the portal always sends them back to the correct place. I went through it and got back. Other than mildly confused, I’m fine.”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

“Fascinating,” remarked Jevek.

Starr nodded to each of the officers in greeting as they arrived. Those aboard the ship had been gathered, and the CMO had stayed on the planet for the time being. Looking over the various reports. “Commander,” he began - turning to Idari. “At least it’s something. Unfortunately, it’s not much. Once we have enough power for sensors, we’ll hopefully be able to get a look at the local star network - might be we find a familiar star to work out our location. Of course, I’d rather get us and the ship back in space. but we’ll need some direction once we’re there,” he said.

“As for Mr. Zank, I’m sure he’ll want something in exchange. Find out what he wants for the parts, and we’ll see if we can come to an agreement,” he sighed. He always got headaches when thinking about bartering with a Ferengi. “I want Security to run a full background check on Mr. Zank, see if we can work out more about the person we may need to deal with,” he said to the XO and the Security Chief had yet to arrive. “About the locals, based on the XO’s assessment of their current development, I will take this time to remind everyone we must remember the Prime Directive,” he explained.

“For the moment, it would seem that Mister Zank would like his vessel taken into orbit and hopefully functional, as it is the only form of material possession that will be left to him if he comes back to our time frame instead of returning to his,” Commander Idari said. “He said that his time frame of origin is roughly seventeen thousand stardates in the past, from our perspective. Shortly after the end of the Dominion War, if he’s being honest, and I have no real reason to disbelieve him. If that is the case, then, per the regulations of the Alliance, he will have been declared legally deceased. His body parts will have been auctioned off in absentia to pay for the distribution of whatever personal acquisitions and business entities he has. Given that he felt comfortable taking his wife on a pleasure cruise in a personal starship, he probably had a substantial business organization with people who he could immediately destroy if they ever betrayed him.”

Solit paused for a second.

“Perhaps I should have asked who charted his course; maybe vessel disappearances in that area were well-known to lower-level Ferengi, even if the cause was unexplained. It’s easy enough to give a self-assured boss bad directions in order to offer your far more knowledgeable services to the inheritors after he disappears. Not that I’ve ever done that, but my grandfather always charted his own courses, and then re-charted them immediately prior to departure on a secured computer that was separate from his personal spacecraft. I don’t remember the exact number of times that somebody tried to get him to steer into a black hole or some such, but it was not infrequent.”

“Now about this portal, are you sure it led back to Earth? Not some recreation of Earth?” he asked Kiernin. It sounded impossible from where he was sitting that there would be a connection to his home planet this far away. And if it were indeed as described, his next, more concerning, thought was if anybody had ever used it.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

“I read Security’s report, Captain, I was informed that Commander Idari met with Mr. Zank already. Also, Commander Kiernan, was a quantum signature scan performed?” asked Jevek.

Commander Jevek, 2O

(Commander Idari, CSO)

Sara pondered the captain’s question. “It doesn’t seem like a recreation. It could be a wormhole, to the past in this or an alternative reality.”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Piper entered the briefing room and took a seat. She looked at a piece of paper in her hand and waited for information to be given out.

“In that case we’ll need to find out which. Keep an eye out for any chroniton radiation, that’s usually a good sign if there’s anything temporal going on. But that is just one possibility. If it’s a parallel universe, what would we be looking out for?” Starr asked Idari as Piper joined the meeting.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

“If I may ask for clarification, Commander Kiernan, could you clarify what you mean by ‘all over’? Do you mean the restaurant receives visitors from different worlds, only this world or visitors from the immediate vicinity?” asked Jevek, “Is that a stable connection between this world and 21st century Japan? If so, I believe if food is an issue, securing meals and raw food from that restaurant would be a good option for the crew, and could be a potential source to trade with Mr. Zank and his wife – or at least vary his food options. Our food rations can only last so long, and we do not know how long we will be here. Logically, securing other sources of food seems like a priority for us.”


“It’s something that the waitress there said that made me think that they receive visitors from multiple worlds, but the “portal” always returns someone to the correct destination. We definitely could get some supplies for Zank there, assuming he’ll accept sushi.” Sara said.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

“I would be interested in the tricorder data that might have been taken, and I imagine so would Commander Idari,” replied Jevek.

OOC: FYI, the waitress could tell you were different from her regulars. You might have mistook that as visitors from multiple worlds, because the Science NE did indicate it was a two way static gateway from the restaurant to the world that the Asimov is on.


“Even if to find out more about this place, I agree, however if they are pre-warp, we’ll need to bear that in mind,” he added. “Is there anything else to bear in mind, based on your assessment of the planet and it’s current state, commander?” He asked Kiernan, having seen she had already taken the first away team to scout out the place.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

“Even if they are pre-warp, our presence is already a violation of Prime Directive, but unavoidable, given the circumstances, Captain. Logically, if the violation has already occurred, would it not be best to contain the violation?” asked Commander Jevek.


“Contain it how? As this point we are fighting for our very survival, the prime directive be danged…we need to make it off this rock” answered the Chief Engineer.

Lt. Commander MacMoragh, CE

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