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Posted by Lieutenant Amber Donnelly (Chief Medical Officer) in Beach - Main Sim (TAG Amber, Anderson, Kiernan, Lane, GM)

Posted by Gamemaster Janus (Gamemaster) in Beach - Main Sim (TAG Amber, Anderson, Kiernan, Lane, GM)

Posted by Lieutenant Amber Donnelly (Chief Medical Officer) in Beach - Main Sim (TAG Amber, Anderson, Kiernan, Lane, GM)
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Amber smiled and watched the interaction. “He’s right. So sorry. We are travelers and noticed the island near here is a bit different than the town. Is there something special about it?” The question, and apology, were given absently as she looked around at the various things in the shop. She paused at a small display of pendants and objects that were both curious and beautiful. It made her sad she didn’t have local currency because a couple of the pieces she wouldn’t have minded owning. Providing, of course, that they didn’t hinder the ship any more than it already was.

“It’s very beautiful around here. You have a gorgeous little town.” She added to keep the conversation light and simple.


“Thank you,” replied the shop keeper, “We like our town too.”

“If I may ask… since we are travelers from far away, what makes these crystals glow?” asked the NE.

“They glow because they are infused with magic,” replied the shopkeeper.

“And these pendants that my colleague is looking at, are also infused with magic since they are glowing as well?” asked the NE.

“That’s correct. It’s also why they are expensive. Infusing crystals with magic is a complicated process and difficult to do,” replied the shopkeeper.

“Do you accept anything other than currency?” asked the NE.

“Only other magic items if you wish to sell or magical ingredients that are rare. If you wish to exchange your currency to the local currency, there is a moneychanger in town,” replied the shopkeep.

The NE looked at the doctor, indicated he wanted to leave. “Thank you, we don’t have any local currency right now. Do you happen to have a map of the town?”

“You are in luck, in fact, I do. I just learned this nifty spell too. I’ll give you the map for free, since it gives me a chance to try this spell I’ve been wanting to try out. Seemed such a waste if I never got to cast it,” replied the shopkeep.

The shopkeep started muttering words that the universal translator could not decipher. A blue glowing circle formed on the table, as the shopkeep continued. 5 minutes past, and from the table, appeared a paper scroll. The shopkeep picked up the paper scroll, and spread it out on the table. It was indeed a detailed map of the town… most prominently, the magic shop was highlighted – in an almost holographic way. A single green dot appeared on the map, at the magic shop. “Simply marvelous! This spell was well worth it. As I promised, one magical map. The green marker will indicate where you are in the town. I’m afraid, however, it will only work within the town. The map will show you all the public buildings and shops. I am afraid it won’t identify anyone’s personal home… those are simply marked residential homes.”

There was a lingering odor from the summoning. The shopkeeper lit a candle, which only served to replace the summoning odor with a strong animal smell of the candle… which to the two Starfleet officers, was highly unpleasant, and almost want both of them to retch at the smell.

“Thank you very much! Our leader of our order would probably mostly likely want to examine this map in detail.”


It wanted to make her ill, but being used to unpleasant smells because the Academy had been adamant about such things due to the nature of their chosen profession, she simply opened her mouth slightly and breathed a bit more shallow. She had the feeling that while she wouldn’t disgrace herself with wreching, she would most likely need a couple days and a fair amount of chocolate to get the vile taste from her taste buds.

“Thank you. This is very helpful. Can you, by chance, recommend anyone who is familiar with the surrounding area outside of town? Perhaps towards that lovely island we passed by on coming here.” She gestured in the direction of the island where the ship was currently stranded. “And as for magical herbs. If you let us know what sort of things you prefer the most, I am sure we can help with sharing some next time we come thru town.” She didn’t want to promise anything, of course. But she doubted anything the woman mentioned couldn’t be handled by the replicators once they had them online. Till then, she could simply say there wasn’t enough to share. Or perhaps see to it that others came thru town and not herself for a few days.


“I’m sorry, I’m afraid I can not. You’d have to head to the Capital City to find someone with that information,” replied the shopkeep, “As for the herbs, we can always use nipokite herbs. Here, I have a picture of them that you can take.”

The drawing showed a plant that had a large bulbous bottom, and what looked like small blades of grass growing at the top of it. “They grow like that, so they should be easy to spot. They are used to make healing potions.”


Amber took the picture and smiled. “Thank you. You have been very helpful. And we’ll keep an eye out for your herbs.” She nodded once more with a quick look around and headed out with the new map in her hands. Once outside and clear of anyone who could hear, she sighed. “Ok, so my suggestion is back to the ship to report what we’ve found. Maybe we can find some herbs on the way and use them for barter for whoever comes back to town.”

It was getting on in the afternoon and with no way to truly check in, and no way to know what night held, she had the feeling the ship was their best bet at this point.


OOC: I’m going to fast forward this so you arrive on the next day for the staff meeting.


The young ensign and the doctor found the raft missing, and that the waters were too rough to cross. Night was quickly falling. Taking their survival skills from the Academy, they found an uninhabited small cave off the road. It looked like it was a well used cave, for travelers who didn’t want or could not afford to stay in town. It was in a nice clearing area, with logs to sit on, and campfire area prepared. A ring of rocks was in the center of the clearing, to prevent the fire to go out of control. There was no wood or fuel to start a fire, but the young ensign found enough around the area to make a fire. He used an old camper’s technique to make the fire without using their advanced technology weapons. “We should sleep and try to see if the raft comes back tomorrow, Doctor. I’ll take the first watch.”

The doctor and the young ensign switched off, and the young ensign woke up after taking 4 hours of sleep, allowing the doctor to sleep an hour or so more. It was not a restful sleep but it was still sleep none the less.

The next morning, the sun came up, and the waters were calm. They found a crewmember waiting with the raft, and were brought back to the island. They were informed that a staff meeting was awaiting them for a de-brief, and was informed that their new second officer wanted the young ensign at the meeting too.

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