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Riker shook his head, “Again, I must disagree. The prime directive was designed for regular circumstances. We are hardly in a regular situation. Our survival must be paramount to the directive at this time.”


“The prime directive is non-negotiable.” Sara blurted out. “But contamination began when that portal opened or when Zank arrived. We should minimise the damage, at least not appear as visitors from another century if we can.” She looked to the Captain.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

“Commander Kiernan, I think there is a certain logic to Mr. Riker’s point and yours. Our presence, by no fault of our own, is a violation of the Prime Directive. In accordance to the Prime Directive, which is the noninterference with other cultures and civilizations, is to remove our presence and our technology to prevent further contamination. We can not do so without achieving basic survival needs in order to accomplish the end goal. Of course, to what extent we should ensure the Prime Directive is honored here is at the complete discretion of the Captain.”

Commander Jevek, 2O

Starr listened to the crew and took their advice under consideration. “We’ll do what we can. Yes there has already been a breach, but we should be able to blend in well enough. If we can avoid breaching the prime directive, then we will. Kiernan, rendevous with Lieutenant Donnoly and see if you can find anything that will help get us running again, and bring the doctor up to speed. Riker, we need to keep the power up and running until we can find something to repair the ship. Piper and Javek, I want you to come with me to see our Ferengi friend. See if we can strike a deal for some spare parts. Any questions?” he asked before closing the meeting.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

Piper nodded “Aye Captain. When do you want to leave?” She asked


Riker responded, “Sir, maybe I should come with you to see what “parts” our friend might have. After all, I am better qualified than anyone here to know what we need and what is in good working order and what is not.”


“This may be somewhat of an unconventional idea - a little more than unconventional, given the issues with Starfleet Directive Number One present - but perhaps I should obtain a star chart from the locals. It will probably be little different from our current chart in comparison to the current night sky, but perhaps a completed stellar map could help.”

Solit stopped himself for a second.

“Perhaps I should replicate some sort of veil or facial covering if I wish to make my own visit to the settlement. Is there any sort of indication as to what the locals use as currency?”

(Commander Idari, CSO)

Sara remarked to Idari “I didn’t observe currency, but in medieval societies, barter often sufficed. Or precious metals. Perhaps you can gather something simple to trade. If you go through the portal, 21st century japan did observe a currency, I believe I heard the term “Yen” from a nearby table. The computer should know more.”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO


“Commander, has all of your away team returned from the town? I observe that Chief Medical Officer is not present at this staff meeting,” remarked Commander Jevek.


“There was one place, a magic shop, still to investigate. But a member of the party had become unwell and I wanted to brief you all on what we had found so far.” Sara replied.

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

“A magic shop? Fascinating,” replied Jevek, “While I concur with Chief Science Officer’s idea to visit the town, I feel that we are missing data from the rest of the away team before we consider sending another away team into town.”


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Starr considered for a moment the options at his disposal. “An unwell crew member? A local pathagen or something more common?” he asked. If there were new diseases out here, it was another thing he would have to consider.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

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“The report from Sickbay, sir, says stomach ache. No infection,” replied Jevek.


It was that moment that the young ensign and the CMO arrived in the Briefing Room.


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