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Posted Feb. 23, 2021, 7:34 p.m. by Commander Jevek (Second Officer) (Jason Lee)

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Si’rek walked outside the ship for the first time and stopped. He constricted his pupils to adjust for the difference in artificial and natural light, and then started walking away from the ship at a brisk pace.

He walked as fare as he could while still having the ship in plain sight, and then stopped and turned around, surveying the attitude and orientation of the Asimov, and trying to determine visually at first if there were any glaring structural or support issues that needed to be addressed first.

Si’Rek, CE

Visually, it appeared the ship was not tilted. The front of the ship rested on a mix of mount of dirt and trees, which was all charred as a fire had started after landing on the first day which the crew saw to putting out. The landing structs were all extended except the front one, as that was were all the dirt and trees had bunched up, acting as a makeshift struct.

Finn stayed closer to the ship, powering on the tricorder and scanning the nearby trees for stresses that would indicate imminent fracture or collapse. Structurally, trees were fantastic as load bearers - they were essentially columns around columns, and roots helped distribute the weight across the ground below. The Asimov hadn’t come in directly atop, though, and her weight wouldn’t likely be evenly distributed, leading to the potential for a very precarious position.

He took a deep breath, not realizing how much he’d missed the fresh air. There was a clear difference between the recycled air aboard a space vessel and this, with the scents of nature mixed in, that earthy smell one only gets away from civilization. He was suddenly reminded of the time her and - What was her name? Alora, yes. - had snuck off into the woods near the Academy. He grinned at the memory before refocusing on the readings at hand.

Finn, Eng

The tricorder indicated that the Asimov currently was at a 0.1 degree tilt upward, meaning they were higher, and the pressure was forced on the remaining struts. The structural integrity of the landing structs that had remained fully extended were at 81% for the left side, and 84% for the right side. With some spot welding, and repair, the structs could be brought up to a healthy 90% percent, which should be good enough. The tricorder indicated that some of the trees were showing cracking damage after 5 days of the weight of the ship pressing down. Tricorder readings showed the remaining struct had only been partially extended, as the helmsman had tried to slow the impact damage to the ship by landing the ship tilted, but gravity won the battle and forced the ship nosed down into the trees, rolling all the trees and dirt into a massive pile. Their speed, however, had been greatly slowed due to the Zank’s Ferengi ship’s tractor beam, thus the drag against the land was not as long as expected. Finn could see that they were mere half kilometer from the island’s water edge, and if the ship had advanced any further or hadn’t been slowed down, the Asimov would have been in the water.

The tricorder indicated patches of hull damage, mostly concentrated in the forward sections, where the ship took the majority of the damage from the crash, and port side damage where the plasma storm – immediately outside of anomaly – had hit the ship before the ship crashed.


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