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Sara called some engineers to help gather the scraps they needed. “Let’s make this as quick as possible, in and out with the components we need and nothing else. Any questions or business before we disembark?”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

“Didn’t Mr. Zank offered whatever he could to the Commander so long as his ship was brought along off the planet?” asked an NE.


“Technically true. But I don’t wish to leave him with any less than is necessary.”

The Chief Engineer arrived and nodded once to the XO. “If I may, I have compiled a list of what to look for.” and he held out a piece of paper with a truly long column of needed materials. When he heard the NE speak of the other vessel being brought along, he looked a bit surprised and said “Wait… we are fixing two ships?” and looked at the XO for confirmation.

Si’Rek, CE

“Mr. Zank only expects his ship to be tractored, sir,” said the NE, “At least that is what I heard from my friend in Security said after Mr. Zank broke down to find out that he and his wife has been technically dead for years. The ship’s all he has left of his financial wealth… kind of makes you sorry for him.”


“It does. A Ferengi’s wealth is everything, let’s try to preserve a little of his wealth and dignity. Chief, how long do you think you’ll need to assemble what you need to get the Asimov running?”

-Cmdr Sara Kiernan, XO

Si’Rek responded with “Mechanical and hardware components can be replicated, albeit slowly. With our current energy production, I couldn’t even begin to guess how long. Once we have consistent and stable power generation, I will be able to give you better idea. The main issue will be the recompositing of the dilithium crystal matrix to bring the warp core online. I simply don’t know if we will be able to do that at all yet. And without that, we have no chance of returning… let alone towing another, larger ship.”

Si’Rek, CE

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