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On the morning of Day 5, the good doctor and the NE who had camped outside of town, found the raft with an awaiting security officer. The previous day after the first staff meeting concluded, the First Officer had returned late in the day, and the waters were not suitable for crossing. The NE and the good doctor finally crossed on the morning of Day 5 on this planet, and returned with information about the town.

Once again, the senior staff reconvened, with the NE and the CMO present, to discuss the details of their fact finding mission to the town.


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“So, what more do we know about the locals?” Starr began asking now that the rest of the original away team had arrived since the previous meeting. If there was anything new to discuss, the supposed magic was definitely something to be aware of.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

Riker continued to listen in case there were further questions for him.

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Riker, CE

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Lt. Si’Rek had woken on the morning, and his injuries were all patched up. Because Takarans were highly resistant to injury, the shuttle crash along with the makeshift personal shield, left the good lieutenant in the best health out of all the crew members. The only exception was due to the fact that he clung on his makeshift device so long, he found his hands and arms sore and numb. He joined the staff meeting, and dismissed Lieutenant MacMoragh who mysteriously failed out of the crew’s collective memory.


“Ah, Lieutenant Lt. Si’Rek. It is most fortunate you survived the shuttle crash with no injuries,” remarked Jevek.

Commander Jevek, 2O

Si’Rek nodded in acknowledgement and said “Fortunate implies luck, Commander. It was exemplary application of Engineering practices and a working knowledge of energy coefficients that kept me alive. I would hate to chalk that up to ‘luck’.” and he sat down. “Now, if I could be brought up to speed, I will endeavor to assist us out of the current situation as best I can.”

Si’Rek, CE

“It is highly probable, though impossible, that the neutrinos surrounding you at the time affected the laws of probability that resulted a favorable outcome, Lieutenant,” replied Jevek. “The entire away team has returned from their scouting mission in town. The good doctor was about to make her report. And as for your staff, your staff reported yesterday that they have altered a good majority of commbadges to operate in EM-band, subspace and a dual mode option. The last option takes a lot of power, and is not advisable to operate for long periods of time. The EM band mode will allow us to communicate on the island, and I believe your staff have installed EM relays between the decks to allow transmissions to pass through the decks easier. Also, your staff have built a solar power generator, with solar panels currently aligned along the top of the hull, which has given us a small boost in power and allowing us to use the computers again.”

Commander Jevek, 2O

Si’Rek nodded, but remained silent. Why are so many here operating as if this is permanent? Where is the punch list for tasks that need to be addressed? I have to get to Engineering immediately after this. he thought to himself.

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“We visited the magic shop, Captain,” reported the Ensign, “We observed they have metal forms of currency. Copper, silver, and gold were the currency we saw in use, and possibly platinum as well. They have forms of crystals that seem to have unknown sources of power, and we were given a magical map. The restaurant we visited seemed likely given our meals for free since the currency being used would make the restaurant highly profitable without a need to request currency from us… but we did observe tables nearby that had the same currency left behind. The portal attached to the door is unusual, and I have tricorder data of it. It seems that the restaurant is in a different universe than ours, as the quantum signature differs from ours.”



“I think I may need to see this village for myself,” Commander Idari said. “It seems that the town may have some items that could prove useful to us, if we can find them. The real issue may be either acquiring the herb that we can sell for currency, or simply determining how to acquire the currency another way. Maybe we should see if Zank has that herb on hand, since it’s unlikely that we can grow it in a timely fashion.”

(Commander Idari, CSO)

“I also understand that we have limited replicator usage at the moment, but the exact details were not given to me. I intend to visit Engineering later to find out,” said Jevek, “Though based on the production of solar panels, I can only logically conclude that nothing above element 29, copper, has been replicated yet. Ensign, what have you observed about the humanoids in the town?”

“It was variable mix of humanoids, some seemed to be alien species from different worlds but I would not know how that would be possible. There are beings with ears like yours, Commander, but they do not call themselves Vulcans. I happened to overhear a pair of them talking and the universal translator said they called themselves ‘Elves,’” said the Ensign.

“Then there would be no problem for me to blend if I were to join Commander Idari, it seems. What do you make of the fact we are in an alternative universe, Commander Idari? Or that restaurant?”

Commander Jevek, 2O

Si’Rek listened and then spoke up as others finished. “We should also find out if gemstones are a viable source of trade. In many cultures where precious metals are valued, gemstones serve as a supplemental currency. We could easily replicate diamonds, for instance, even with limited replicator energy. They are just a form of carbon, after all.”


Jevek merely nodded at Si’Rek’s idea. “If that is the case, then obtaining materials from town should not be an issue other than Prime Directive concerns,” replied Jevek, “What are your thoughts on the matter, Commander Kiernan, Captain?”

Commander Jevek, 2O

Starr listened to the discussion regarding what exactly they could trade if things were not available. “I think first and foremost, we need to see what we can salvage from Zank’s ship - the deal has already been made. If we can get a supply of gemstones in case we can’t replicate the herb in question, I would like that as a potential backup option. Commander Idari, did you get a sample of the herb when you were planet side? It may be worth looking at, seeing exactly what they are requesting before we see if we can provide it. Commander Kiernan, take your pick - the village or the Ferengi Ship?” he asked, letting her decide which away team she wanted to take.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

OOC: FYI Ben, I’m correcting your post. It’s “Zank” (it’s also on the MOTD) and he has a ship, not a shuttle. It’s actually bigger than the Asimov, but only slightly. A shuttlecraft would not have the required power to reflect the Asimov from crashing.


“I’ll take the ship, sir. Take a small engineering crew over, hopefully won’t take long.”


“Then logically, that leaves the village. I believe Commander Solit’s perspectives on the village would useful. Captain, is it your intention to head to the village as well or stay here at the ship?” asked Jevek.

Commander Jevek, 2O

“I agree that her help would be useful. If there are indeed other races already, I’d definitely like to get a feel for the place,” Starr responded. “After all, if we end up stuck here, it would be good to know what we’re dealing with,” he said. “Doctor, Lieutenant Piper, I also want you with me on the planet, see if we can’t find out more about that herb they were asking to trade, and it’s current availability,” Starr requested. “And if there are no further questions, everyone is dismissed,” he finished, having been satisfied with the action plan to get the Asimov back into space.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

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