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OOC: Please feel free to void this. I know I’m ridiculously AWOL, and my AWOL is part of why the Azzy can’t receive new crew as of late. I’m trying to rectify this, and to move the plot along. Sorry about, well, everything. Anyway…

Following the briefing with the Captain, Solit had come to the conclusion that they didn’t have enough information regarding where to go once they left the planet, no matter how long they looked at the available data. Following a little bit of fact finding with the crew members who had visited the village before, he decided that he would be better off simply covering his entire body. Thus, he was in what was basically metal armor, albeit it had been hastily fashioned and was formed using some 24th century technology, not a forge. As such, it probably wouldn’t hold up in actual combat, but as far as aesthetics, it was functional. It was a somewhat matte gray.

He had a full robe with tight-fitting sleeves, a hood, and bifurcated leggings underneath the skirt. He also wore black gloves. Over this were a full helmet with a single-piece face plate that only had eye holes and some holes poked for airflow around the mouth, greaves, wrist-and-knuckle gauntlets, and a breastplate with rows of Starfleet deltas stamped into the ridges for just a bit of flair. He had a belt, bit it only held a couple of hammers, a seven-inch knife, and a couple of satchels. He also had a satchel slung across his back. Overall, he stood out, but Commander Idari hoped it was for the right reasons.

He pulled a map out of the satchel, trying to determine where he should go to acquire a complete star chart for the planet’s orbital pattern, as well as any written legends regarding burning objects falling from the sky and into either the ocean or the surrounding area.

(Commander Idari, CSO(?))

OOC: While I appreciate your enthusiasm, with little power, Idari would have had to fashion that metal thing from pieces of the ship… Or pieces of the crashed shuttle. Engineering has to conserve power for plasma torches to use what they need. The previous away team used emergency blankets to make makeshift robes. So, I’m going to ask… How did you make all your equipment?


OOC: Salvaged shuttle metals, hammers, and a handheld phaser for heat and cutting. I’m guessing that it was possible to replicate the hammers. Blankets for robes and gloves. Given Solit’s overall appearance, he probably wouldn’t be able to be mistaken for an elf, hence the whole body covering.


OOC: Well, I’ll allow it based on that explanation, but going to say you used up one phaser in the process.


Jevek arrived wearing one of the makeshift robes that the previous away team wore. “Fascinating,” remarked Jevek, “I am to assume that you only made one for yourself, Commander?”

“I am likely the only one who needed such equipment, as far as our current outing is concerned. The rest of you merely needed to obscure your uniforms.”

Jevek brought the map the last away team had brought back. He carried a shoulder bag which the strap crossed his chest, and the back hung on the side of him. It looked like it was made out of leather, and potentially a personal belonging of the Commander.

Commander Jevek, 2O

Four more officers arrived, using the makeshift cloaks. They crossed body of water on the raft, leaving one officer to return back to the ship with the raft. Once the officer had made it safely across back, they tested the new commbadge EM radio mode, and discovered it was working properly, then continued to walk into town.


Simon stepped off the boat, chuckling slightly at the irony of the fact the entire naval tradition included names of boats that extended to spaceships, and here they were on a boat on the water. It had been five days since they crashed, and it was the first time Simon actually got to stretch his legs and see this village that they were talking about.

Keeping an eye on the surrounding area, Starr got his bearings and looked for notable landmarks that he would be able to use for navigation later, and made his way toward the town following those who had already made the journey.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

Jevek brought out the map. “Where to first, sir? The map only gives a direct route to the magic shop, though curiosity, it has been expanding with additional details as we’ve approached the town. Fascinating,” said Jevek, “I believe the away team reported a blacksmith shop, the restaurant, and a marketplace. We might want to search for a jeweler’s shop or a trinket’s shop if it exists.”

Commander Jevek, 2O

One of the four other officers, Ensign Finnegan, stepped forward, cloak covering his uniform and the tricorder on his hip. “I’d like to see these crystals that were mentioned,” he said, looking to both Jevek and the captain. “At some point in the trip. We’d like to see if - potentially - they could help solve our power problem.”

He turned about, getting his bearings, ‘in case things went south,’ his dad would say. And also his survival instructors. Always know the way back, or the way out.

Finn, Eng

“I was going to go to the marketplace. If I can get a full star map instead of the partial maps we’ve been able to create between Zank’s information and our own observations, we may be able to fully determine whether we are still in the Milky Way Galaxy, or if we are truly in completely unknown space.”

(Commander Idari, CSO)

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