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“Ah, Captain, welcome back. We were concerned but it seems you are well once more. As you can observe, there are animal drawn carts and pedestrian alleyways. Rather quiet organized for a medieval town,” said Jevek, “If the reports are correct, the Japanese restaurant should be this way. As I was explaining to the young Ensign here, we could likely exchange these gemstones for the equivalent value of gold at the restaurant – the gemstones would be more ideal for the restaurant to trade for their local currency as they would not need to melt down the local currency.”

Commander Jevek, 2O

Captain Starr, Commander Jevek and Ensign Finn arrived at the restaurant. It appeared to be open, but they had arrived between the lunch and dinner rush, so it was a lull in the restaurant’s activity. The group opened the door, and noticed the portal like appearance as they crossed the threshold into the restaurant. A female employee welcomed them in the traditional Japanese greeting and showed them to their seats.


Finn could barely take his eyes off the door, even after they’d entered and been seated. The possibilities of how the thing existed were spinning through his mind. The server’s light cough caught his attention and he lifted the menu. “Um, I think I’ll need a few minutes, if that’s okay,” he told her. She smiled and wandered away.

“Are we actually eating?” he asked the two senior officers. “Or just exchanging the gems for currency?”

Finn, Eng

“I believe it would be polite to visit the restaurant for its original intended purpose but I suppose we could inquire the alternative form of payment before placing our order,” remarked Jevek.

Commander Jevek, 2O

“Agreed,” Starr whispered. He reciprocated the greeting in a respectful way to the employee and said “We would indeed like a table, however we are new in town and just wanted to know what forms of currency you accepted?” he asked the lady.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

“Your Japanese is rather too perfect… Oh! You must be with the previous group that was in here,” exclaimed the waitress, “Well as you can see, we accept any of the Kingdom’s currency.” She dug in her pockets, and brought out 6 coins. The smallest was a small bronze coin, the next was a large bronze coin, followed by a small silver coin, then a large silver coin, then a small gold coin and a large gold coin. “Of course… if you know where this restaurant is really from, we do accept Yen, of course. Your last group had no money but since we make enough from the locals, and they seemed to be humans from our planet, we gave them their meals free. But people do come in to barter with us, and we have accepted other forms of payment for food.”


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