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Posted by Lieutenant Amber Donnelly (Chief Medical Officer) in Main Sim - Briefing Room - Day 4 (Tag Senior Staff/GM)

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Amber smiled at the lull in conversation as others turned her way. “Sorry, Sir. Got back to the raft site after the last one for the night, I’m guessing.” She moved to her seat and barely controlled her flop into it. She ached and was starving, having not eaten much since lunch. “As to what we discovered,” she laughed lightly, “there is a great Japanese food place that seems to be a portal dimension to someplace else. Locals just accept it as do the clientele and staff at the eatery. We also checked out a magic shop where we got a local map,” she set it on the table. “And if we can supply the shop with some herbs we got a list of, perhaps we could get more info as well as supplies if needed. No one in the shop seemed to know of the island, so I’m guessing we’ll need to scour town or find someone living closer to us that may have knowledge.”

“It was Japanese sir, I can confirm. They gave us English menus, and the waitress said their restaurant was in Tokyo,” reported the Ensign.

She glanced to the XO, “Glad to see you made it back.” She glanced around the table. “So what else have I missed?”

Lt Amber Donnelly


“I am Commander Jevek, Dr. Donnelly. I am your new Second Officer. We had a staff meeting yesterday while you were still away. Commander Kiernan indicated there was no currency, is that true?”

Commander Jevek, 2O

Amber smiled and nodded. “A pleasure. Congratulations on the promotion. I am sure we will have time for proper ‘get to know yous’ when things settle.” Turning back to the others before responding to the XO, she nodded once more. “Yes, there is currency. But it seems to also be a trade affair. The Magic shop was willing to barter with herbs and potions they are low on. We brought back a picture of one particularly hard to find item, they claim. If we can figure it out, find some, and, should power return, replicate some, it could come in handy.”

“Assuming we can replicate them,” said the Ensign, “They seemed… strange.”

She leaned back and sighed. “The shop folks didn’t think anything out of the ordinary of their existence. The restaurant was certainly aware they were a portal to other places. Waitress even commented she had gone thru to the area to get local ingredients. But as much as I hate to say it, I think it’s the locals we will get the most help from. IF we can find someone who recognizes this island is ‘different’ than other areas.” She shook her head and tried to think of a better way to get information.

“And I see no reason we can’t send small groups, I’d say 6 or less, into town in local attire to eat at the restaurant. Seems to be a good place to eat and could keep the rations lasting a bit longer as well.”

((I kept looking but didn’t see if we actually paid for our meal… did we?))

OOC: The restaurant gave it to you for free, but since the patrons leaving as you came in did pay with currency, and there was currency left on the tables, there were signs of a currency based society. ((Thank you… thought I remembered commenting I hadn’t thought of currency where others had))

“They seemed to know who we were though, Doctor. It was clear by the fact that they gave us English menus, we did seem out of place. And I think they might have just fed us out of politeness as fellow human beings – but I don’t think they’ll extend that politeness for the entire crew,” remarked the Ensign.


Amber nodded. “Probably not. We’ll need to come up with the currency or trade of some kind for town. And I’d say anyone who goes to the restaurant should probably have something in way of currency or something fine to trade. But that can wait, I think. Figuring out this island and our release is more pressing. We need to see about some kind of trade with the magic shop if we need it. And we need trade for information as well. Someone out there should know something about this island its strange properties. Even if they don’t know the how the what would be a great starting place to help us.”


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