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“Ah, Captain, welcome back. We were concerned but it seems you are well once more. As you can observe, there are animal drawn carts and pedestrian alleyways. Rather quiet organized for a medieval town,” said Jevek, “If the reports are correct, the Japanese restaurant should be this way. As I was explaining to the young Ensign here, we could likely exchange these gemstones for the equivalent value of gold at the restaurant – the gemstones would be more ideal for the restaurant to trade for their local currency as they would not need to melt down the local currency.”

Commander Jevek, 2O

Captain Starr, Commander Jevek and Ensign Finn arrived at the restaurant. It appeared to be open, but they had arrived between the lunch and dinner rush, so it was a lull in the restaurant’s activity. The group opened the door, and noticed the portal like appearance as they crossed the threshold into the restaurant. A female employee welcomed them in the traditional Japanese greeting and showed them to their seats.


Finn could barely take his eyes off the door, even after they’d entered and been seated. The possibilities of how the thing existed were spinning through his mind. The server’s light cough caught his attention and he lifted the menu. “Um, I think I’ll need a few minutes, if that’s okay,” he told her. She smiled and wandered away.

“Are we actually eating?” he asked the two senior officers. “Or just exchanging the gems for currency?”

Finn, Eng

“I believe it would be polite to visit the restaurant for its original intended purpose but I suppose we could inquire the alternative form of payment before placing our order,” remarked Jevek.

Commander Jevek, 2O

“Agreed,” Starr whispered. He reciprocated the greeting in a respectful way to the employee and said “We would indeed like a table, however we are new in town and just wanted to know what forms of currency you accepted?” he asked the lady.

Captain Simon Starr, CO

“Your Japanese is rather too perfect… Oh! You must be with the previous group that was in here,” exclaimed the waitress, “Well as you can see, we accept any of the Kingdom’s currency.” She dug in her pockets, and brought out 6 coins. The smallest was a small bronze coin, the next was a large bronze coin, followed by a small silver coin, then a large silver coin, then a small gold coin and a large gold coin. “Of course… if you know where this restaurant is really from, we do accept Yen, of course. Your last group had no money but since we make enough from the locals, and they seemed to be humans from our planet, we gave them their meals free. But people do come in to barter with us, and we have accepted other forms of payment for food.”


Finn looked over his menu - in English, as had been previously mentioned - and thought about previous Japanese meals he’d had. “We’d like, if possible, to trade for some of that currency - in addition to buying some food of course,” he said as he scanned the meals. “Do you have any soba?”

Finn, Eng

“Your in luck, the shop owner made some fresh today. As for the other matter, let me bring the owner over,” said the waitress.

A middle aged Japanese man, wearing a chef’s apron showed up. He seemed rather plain looking, and he didn’t seem to have a stern or angry face… just one out curiosity and confusion.

“I am told by my employee that based on our observations of you three and the group before that you do not necessarily come exactly from the world beyond our restaurant door?” asked the man politely.


Finn glanced around the table before responding. “That’s… yeah, that’s about the gist of it,” he told the owner. “We were hoping to potentially trade for some of the local - well, out the door local - currency, for something that might be easier for you to use in… your world.” God, this was confusing.

He reached beneath his cloak to the small bag and, by feel, selected one of the smaller gems, which he lifted out to show the man.

Finn, Eng

The man signaled to the waitress, and she hung a sign outside, and locked the door. It left only the Captain, the Commander and Ensign left in the room with the restaurant employees.

The young waitress, then rushed over in excited exclamation, “See! I told you so, Tensho (owner)!”

“Yes, yes… I guess I do have to make your favorite dish later since I lost the bet,” said the man. “My name is Kenji Yamanoto. I’m no jeweler, sir, but that does look pretty. It would… of course, require verification, but given your unusual predicament seeing as you are aware this restaurant is from another world… I take it you know generally, what country I am from?”

“It’s not exactly the Japan we’re familiar with, but it is still Japan.” Sara remarked with a slight smile. Something felt slightly off. She could swear she had just been somewhere else. A feeling adjacent to deja vu. She dismissed it as the odd effects of the planet and tried to put it out of her mind.

“Then, I don’t suppose you wouldn’t mind if I call someone here to verify the gemstone?” asked Kenji.

“That should be fine.”


Sara wondered to herself how this place came to be in the first place. A mystery for after the barter. She turned to her crewmates. “Once we have some local currency in hand, let’s explore the town a little bit.”

-Captain Sara Kiernan, CO

5 minutes later, a tough looking man in a business suit arrived. He was well built and muscular, as if he probably could break any person like a twig if he wished. He was… obviously a Yazuka, but he looked friendly… enough. The owner and the Yazuka greeted each other warmly, and the owner set about cooking, probably the man’s favorite food or dish. The man came over. “I am Honjo Saki,” said the man, introducing himself politely, followed by a typical Japanese bow.

“Mr. Yamanoto asked me to come over to verify something for him. I assume this is it?” asked Honjo. Without an affirmation, he took out an eye piece, one that jewelers commonly wear. “May I?” inquired Honjo.

Once receiving the affirmative to viewing the gems, he looked at each one, carefully, without saying a word. By the time he was done, Kenji brought over his food, and wordless motioned a question, as to ask whether the gems were real.

Honjo gave Kenji a silent nod in the affirmative and smiled. He said a word of thanks for his food, ate a little bit, and then said, “This will be easier to deal with, Kenji-san. I believe 50 large gold coins would be sufficient for these gemstones, plus left over to feed an army.”

“My thanks, Honjo-san,” replied Kenji. “Seeing as there were more than one set of individuals, if you require any food supplies, I would be happy to throw that in part of the exchange.”


Finn nodded. “We had hoped these would be easier for you to handle…” he glanced at the doorway. “… on your end. I am glad we were correct. And food would be appreciated.” He looked to the others at the table now. “Since we don’t know how long we’re going to be here.”


“Yes, exactly. Thank you for coming by on short notice.” Sara smiled and nodded her thanks. To Finnegan she said, “We could be leaving any time. The crew is getting parts from a Ferengi ship, we’re getting close to being offworld now.”

-Captain Sara Kiernan, CO

Finn opened his mouth, then thought better of it. The captain may be right, after all. The gaps in the ship’s hull stayed in his mind, though.

“Arrangements will be made. Under what name or password should I be told to allow people to pick up food?” asked Kenji.


“Can we all agree on Asimov?” Sara asked with a smile.

-Captain Sara Kiernan, CO

Finn chuckled, nodding his assent, though as an ensign it hardly mattered.

Finn, Eng

“The science fiction author?” asked Kenji, “If that is what you wish. Here you go, 50 large gold coins. Careful not to mix them with the small gold coins, they are physically larger and thicker, but can be mistaken if you are not paying attention to the weight of the coin. You can remember the currency denominations as follows, 100 small bronze coins is 1 large bronze coin. 100 large bronze coins is one small silver coin. 100 small sliver coins is 1 large silver coin. 100 large silver coins is 1 small gold coin. 100 small gold coins is 1 large gold coin.”

The shopkeep/head chef made the exchange with the Ensign.

“Would you care for anything else?” inquired Kenji.


Finn chuckled. “Yeah. Isaac is a favorite of ours,” he grinned. He placed the heavy coins in the same bag he had kept the gems in, sliding it back beneath his cloak. “That’s an easy enough system to remember,” he continued, looking to the captain. “And… do we need anything else?”

He himself was focused on getting to the magic crystals which, hopefully, would help them power the ship; or at least had the greatest possibility of doing so. Having the currency to do so now energized him.

Finn, Eng

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