Post-SIM: From Stuffy Labs to Starships (Open)

Posted May 30, 2021, 1:17 p.m. by Lieutenant Visrian Parr (Chief Science Officer) (Trinity Fister)

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Posted by Lieutenant Visrian Parr (Chief Science Officer) in Post-SIM: From Stuffy Labs to Starships (Open)
Starbase 243 - 0615 hrs
4 Days Prior

The starbase’s idle susurrus engulfed her quarters, infecting every fibre of its being with artificial tranquillity. She dared to embrace it, but excitement refused to afford her the inertia. Instead, she sat propped against her desk, ebony eyes glittering with unfounded joy as she stared at her computer terminal.

“Pick up,” the Trill woman murmured. She knew it was a gamble calling anyone at this hour, but she prayed her friend would do her the justice of pressing ‘accept.’ “I know you’re awake.”

As if to mock her presumptuous manner, her terminal flickered to reveal a mess of standard-issue sheets and their decidedly crabby tenant.

“Come on, Vis.” Their groan echoed across subspace as they shoved a pillow over their head, leaving nothing visible but strands of unkempt hair and sluggish, tattooed fingers. “I’m on vacation. Let me sleep.”

“‘Let me sleep,’” Visrian pinched her nose, moments from unleashing a petulant roll of her eyes. “Says the reigning sovereign of early-morning nonesense.”

“Did I mention I’m on vacation?” They snorted, counterfeit grouchiness betrayed by the subtle amusement infecting their tone.

“Right,” Visrian massaged her temples, “Namid, you didn—”

“Are we gonna sqauble,” another feigned grumble, “or are you gonna tell me what compelled you to call at the crack of dawn?”

“Since you’re so invested,” Visrian wrinkled her nose, “I got reassigned.”

“About time,” the judgement in their tone was nearly palpable, “that musty old outpost was very nearly suffocating you.”

“Ouch,” she playfully winced and laid a palm against her chest, “I thought you said I looked ‘happy’ there?”

“A necessary evil,” Namid peeked from under their pillow, a single charcoal eye saturated by mischief.

“I’m glad you justify lying to your best friend as a ‘necessary evil’.” Visrian shook with soundless laughter, her smile consumed by crookedness that cemented to her dark lips. “Should I be concerned?”

“Vis, the fact you couldn’t see through my lie should concern you.” Namid grinned, appearing pleased with themself that they hadn’t got caught. “Anyway, reassignment. I want all the details.”

“You know, I’m not sure I can trust with the details.” Visrian teased.

Namid shot her a pointed look, “then who are you gonna gush to? That lab partner of yours?”

“Frederick?” Visrian’s lips curled in mild objection. “Oh gods, no! He’s nice, but I’d never hear the end of it.”

“Then it looks like you got one option,” Namid gestured to themself, “moi.”

Asimov - 1400 hrs
Present Day

Visrian rolled her shoulders, releasing her tension to the air, and stepped from the transporter pad. A smile wove into her lips as she surveyed the small room. Leaning over, she snagged her teal duffle bag from the adjacent space and shot a friendly wave to the transporter chief.

“Afternoon,” she meandered over, “mind if I pick your brain for a moment?”

“Afternoon.” The transporter chief replied. “Not at all, pick away.”

A brief exchange tempered Visrian’s expression, escorting her from the transporter room into the hall. Though she held her quarter assignment close, she couldn’t help but let her mind wander just a bit. And her feet along with it.

— Visrian Parr, incoming CSO
OOC: This thread is purely introductory, so feel free to pop in! — Trin

There was a young science officer who saw Visrian and just knew. He trotted over. “Hi Lieutenant. Are you the new CSO? I’m Ensign Lawrence Veers.”

-Assorted NEs

Visrian lifted her gaze to the approaching Ensign, a smile woven onto her lips. “What gave me away?” She mused, somewhat rhetorically. “Visrian Parr,” she extended a hand, “nice to meet you, Ensign Veers.”

“How long have you been aboad the Asimov?” She asked, lifting her hand to the hall in an offer to walk and talk.

— Visrian Parr, incoming CSO

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