Post-Sim: Main Engineering - A different type of playground

Posted June 1, 2021, 5:06 p.m. by Civilian Liara Enai (XO's Daughter) (Silke Fahl)

Posted by Lieutenant Si’Rek (Chief Engineer) in Post-Sim: Main Engineering - A different type of playground

Posted by Civilian Liara Enai (XO’s Daughter) in Post-Sim: Main Engineering - A different type of playground

Posted by Lieutenant Si’Rek (Chief Engineer) in Post-Sim: Main Engineering - A different type of playground
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Si’Rek chuckled. The safety rail and distance between the shaft opening and the core itself was far too wide. “Not without special equipment. And you don’t have that, so right now you will just have to look. But… I can show you what the crystals that are inside look like. Would you like to see?”

Si’Rek, CE

Liara looked a little disappointed, but then nodded, “Yes, please. I’d like to see them.” Turning around she looked up at Si’Rek and suddenly asked, “You knew mama Leni really well, didn’t you? Mummy often tells me about her. She shows me pictures and videos too. Can you tell me about her as well?”


Si’Rek looked down and a bittersweet smile found his lips. “Indeed I did, little one. I knew her even before your mother did.” Strong arms picked her up and settled her on his hip as he turned away from the core and headed back towards his office.

The moment Si’Rek picked her up, Liara wrapped her arms and legs around him and nestled close to him. Even though they hadn’t met often in person, she had always felt safe with him.

“You mother Leni had the same job I do now… she was an Engineer like I am. And a very good one at that. In fact, that tricorder I gave you? That belonged to her. I thought you should have it. I think she would have liked that.”

“Really?” Liara asked softly, her eyes wide. “It was hers?”

They walked into his office and he set her in a chair. “Now… what would you like to know about her?”

Si’Rek, CE

For a few moments the little girl was silent and just looked at Si’Rek. Though considering how unfocused her expression was, she wasn’t probably seeing him. Eventually she said, “I know that she was an engineer. And mummy always says that she was funny and smart and had a really big heart. That she was really excited for me to be born and that she loved me even when I was still in mummy’s belly. What do you remember? What did you like about her? I want to know everything you can tell me. Please? Talking about her makes mummy so sad, but I want to know her.” Her eyes were wide as she looked up at Si’Rek. There was a seriousness and even a sadness about her that made her seem older than she was.


Si’Rek took a breath and exhaled slowly. “Well, your mother is right in all of those things. And she did love you so so much and was so excited to meet you! I remember her being very smart. Very knowledgeable and professional… but she cared for everyone around her. I remember her never forgetting a birthday or an anniversary, and she was always so gracious and humble. And I remember her laugh.” and he looked at Liara. “It was just like yours. Every time I hear you laugh I hear her. I bet your mother does as well.” Si’Rek looked at Liara and then said “Did you mother tell you what happened to your Mother Leni?”

Si’Rek, CE

“Really?” Liara replied, smiling a little, only to quickly turn serious again. “Mummy told me that she was on an away mission and that there was a bad accident. Mama Leni got hurt badly and the doctors couldn’t help her.” Locking her eyes with Si’Rek’s she whispered, “I never met her, but I miss her.”


Si’Rek looked at her and said “Oh, but you have tor’qe. You have met her in the stories told about her. In the love she gave you… and still gives you. You may not have realized it, but you have met her many, many times.” and he smiled and leaned back. “So your mother tells me you are very smart. So I am going to tell you something that only very smart people know, okay?” and he waited to make sure Liara was paying attention.

Looking thoughtfully at Si’Rek, Liara pondered that for a few moments. What Si’Rek said felt nice and true, even if it didn’t feel like ‘really’ meeting someone, like in person and all. Finally she nodded and said, “Okay.”

“Your body, my body, your mother’s body… even your mother Kialeni’s body… runs on energy. And no matter where you are in the universe, there is one rule that is always constant. It cannot be broken, changed, or skirted. Understand? At that rule is this: no energy can be created or destroyed. It can only be changed from one form to another. So all the energy that was your mommy Kialeni? It’s still out there in the universe. Its still right there with you. Thats how you meet her all the time, tor’qe. You have some of her energy… and she has some of yours. You are always linked in that way, no matter where you are or what is happening. The same goes for your mommy Siadra. And me. You always have us, even if you cant see or hear us… we’re there. Its the law of the universe.”

Si’Rek, CE

A small frown and a look of deep concentration appeared on her face as Liara thought about that. She didn’t quite understand what Si’Rek was trying to explain to her. “How …? I don’t understand that,” she said with the slightest hint of frustration in her voice.


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