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Hear ye, hear ye Lindsay Bayes has joined the ship as our Chief Intelligence Officer! Welcome aboard Lindsay! Your welcome kit contains a map of the ship and a flashlight. I still haven’t found the circuit breaker since I got the keys, so that’s your first job.


You mean, my first task os to find the engineers? On it? Finding people she’s very good at. And secrets. And info. This should be fun, right?


Woohoo! :D Welcome aboard Linds! I’m looking forward to RPing with you and to get to know Shara better!


Also a note, if your character has anything secret-ish you want to Shara to help you reveal, do let me know. I love me some good plotting! I’ve updated her bio, and while most of it is restricted, the classified stuff can be produced as needed to those who reasonably could have access to it (ask me if you’re not sure). Suffice to say, she’s galavanted about the galaxy a great deal, lol.


Ahoy hoy! Welcome aboard Linds, Paddy will be in his office when Shara is ready! ;)


Welcome aboard!! Looking forward to writing with you. :D

— Trin

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