Side Sim: Fleet-Moor Quarters - Childcare

Posted June 14, 2021, 9:15 p.m. by Civilian Allison Fleet (Civilian) (Miriam W)

Allison opened her eyes blearily, hearing the stirs of an infant in the moments before it began to cry. It was incredible how attuned to their various moods she had become. Incredible and also very annoying. She barely got any sleep. Ah well. Duty calls, as they say. She pulled the covers off her side of the bed, throwing them onto Rovan and wandering across the room to the twin’s crib.

It was Sophie. Of course it was Sophie. Allison lifted her little girl from the crib and held her close, bouncing the infant slightly against her body while she walked over to the small fridge that they’d requested for the room. Allison opened it up, illuminating the room for a moment as she tugged a small bottle of milk from inside the fridge, then closed it. She’d been warned of Ktarian baby teeth and didn’t feel like worrying about that late at night.

She didn’t want to disturb Rovan’s sleep, but she needed light, so she turned on a little yellow nightlight they kept near the desk, bouncing Sophie slightly to keep her calm and content while she pulled out the tiny camping stove and pot that had also been allowed special for them. She poured water into the pot, put the bottle down into the water, and began to heat it to body temperature, pacing the room a little as she waited. She tested it every now and then by squeezing some of the milk out onto her wrist. When the milk was warm, she turned off the camp stove and put away the pot of water.

Allison adjusted her grip on Sophie, who had predictably stopped fussing as soon as Mama lifted her up, and approached her with the bottle. Big yellow eyes stared up at the bottle as it approached, and the infant quickly grasped onto it with chubby fingers while her lips latched around the nipple of the milk bottle. Allison still found it amazing how quickly Sophie and Kasper were developing in comparison to human children. It partially made up for the 18 month pregnancy that Rovan had forgotten to mention until after they found out that she was pregnant.

Allison, Sleepy Mother

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