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Gather ‘round the campfire y’all.

So there’ll be more news to come, but James Sinclair is moving Si’Rek to Ops, and we needed someone new to step in. That’s why we’ve brought in the wonderful David Shotton to play Lt Rovan Moor. Welcome aboard David, your welcome pack contains a key no one can find a matching lock for and several bags of barbecue chips. Enjoy.


Woot! Those BBQ chips should come in handy! Thanks Sam, glad to be here and bring Rovan back into play.


Awesome! Looking forward to RPing with Rovan again. And Shara loves a good campfire. The more the merrier.


Howdy Dave! Looking forward to many a crazy adventure!


cheers Welcome aboard Dave! I’m looking forward to RPing with you! :D


Rovan Moor… you still owe me that beer.

Si’Rek, a.k.a. James

Wohoo! Welcome aboard, Dave. :D

— Trin

Cheers all! Thanks for the warm welcome.

Hopefully I’ll be able to jump in to a few threads soon, of course RL bit me as I just joined, so I’m already catching up :D


Heya Boss! Looking forward to writing with you.


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