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“I’m not one for formalities myself, so Shara is just fine by me. Do you have a preference?” she asked.

“As for the file, well, let’s see, crappy father and mixed childhood, mother died, left home when I was sixteen and set off on my own leaving my younger brother at home. Met a man when I was still rather young, got married and settled on Tracken Two. Had a daughter. Years go by and then we find our little world suddenly in the DMZ. We invited the Maquis to the colony and fought with them, including my daughter. Got sucked into the Delta Quadrant while helping out another Maquis cell and spent the next seven years on a Starfleet vessel and it was on the Voyager that I found out my husband and child died along with all my friends. We eventually get back to the Alpha Quadrant and I didn’t have anywhere to go or any family so I accepted the offer and was subsequently recruited to Starfleet Intelligence. Insert many years of undercover work as a reconnaissance specialist and I discover lo and behold my daughter isn’t actually dead after all. Fast forward to what became my final undercover op and Faye turns up as a prisoner and while they made sure to keep her alive they didn’t care much for making it livable. And I was there for it all. I was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD, which I had fairly well under control until I was tasked with an investigation into some Intel agents who were getting false orders. I can’t say any more about all that except that I was led to Faye and there was a lot of chaos and trauma all around but we were finally reunited after twenty-five years apart. And we’re still getting to know each other but we’re good. She’s safe, and I’m safe. But watching her have a flare up of her own mental health issues was… a lot and my PTSD symptoms have resurfaced more strongly than I would like, but I am aware that space from Faye, as hard as that is, will likely help them recede.”

She smirked. “I think that about sums up my sixty-odd years, but feel free to ask questions.”

Commander Calloway CIO

“That’s… a lot to unpack. Let’s start with Voyager, do you keep in touch with any of the crew? I know Admiral Janeway delivers many a seminar on defences against the Borg, I attended a few of them myself after what happened with my father.”

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

Shara shrugged. “Yes, and no. I’ve spent most of my Starfleet career undercover. Makes it hard to do reunions, but now and again I talk to a few friends.” Her time on that ship had been complicated and thus her feelings about it, even now, still were. But she had long accepted that.

Commander Calloway CIO

Paddy nodded slowly, “I understand if you’ll have to tell me the answer to my next question is classified,” he said with a small note of playfullness in his voice, “But what drew you to Starfleet Intelligence in the first place? And like I told you last night, Paddy to me friends,” he winked.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

“It’s not complicated or a mystery, really. I was a cryptographic expert who just spent the last seven years in the Delta Quadrant. Before then I was their enemy, but now I was their side. And I had no emotional ties to compromise me. In short, I was the perfect agent. They could send me on the longer term undercover assignments without the issues others with families would have. Many people in Intelligence are strictly analysis. A lot of people don’t realize that. But we still need people who are willing to becme the ‘spooks’ as it were. I was one of them.”

Commander Calloway, CIO

“You must have some stories,” Paddy paused, “Most of which you wouldn’t be able to tell me without phasering me.” He chuckled lightheartedly.

-Lieutenant Patrick McMillan: Counsellor-

She snorted. “Oh, in my particular line of work, if things came down to drawing a phaser, something went terribly wrong and in the aftermath, if a person survived, heads would roll.” A sly smile slipped onto her face. “I’m dandy with all sorts of weapons, but the best ones are the ones no one knows are coming.”

Commander Calloway, CIO


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