Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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Shara gave him a smirk. She’d have teased him about having great lines but she knew it wasn’t and she was confident enough in herself that she could accept the compliment. “The view from where I am isn’t so bad either.”

Sipping her coffee some more, there was a quietness to her right now. Not that Shara Calloway was the most chatty person to begin with. But there had been this feeling she couldn’t make sense of ever since she had departed the Manhattan. And so she gazed out over the landscape again, nodding slowly. “I’d really like that walk, sooner rather than later I think. Just an easy stroll. Been on the go for so long now, that it seems very odd to just be… still.”


Micah nodded and said “Finish up that cup. I thought ya might wanna do that, so there’s a thermos downstairs.” He then leaned over and gently kissed her cheek. “I’m glad ya came. But after this walk, we still gotta see to our comparison test.” and he grinned and then took a sip of coffee.

A throaty chuckle ensued before she took a generous mouthful of coffee. “Good things come to those that wait, my dear.”

“Oh! Didja take a look at the bathroom? Might wanna before we go.” and he smiled broadly.

“Not yet, but I have to unpack a few more things, so might as well do that now.” Shara downed the rest of her coffee and set the mug on the window sill before moving back to her bag. Reaching in, she pulled out a toiletry kit in a flat-ish bag with a hook and moved over to the bathroom.

The door opened to the bath…

And a perfect view of the vista outside. The wall opposite the door was floor to ceiling clear. On one side, step down tub big enough for four with jets and lounge seats built in. The interior was a dark, almost black, with flecks of blue. To the right of the tub, the rest of the length of the room on that side was a walk in shower with stone on the far end from the tub. Multiple heads were visible in the stone wall at the end of the shower area, and some seemingly hovered in the clear wall separating the shower from the rest of the bath. Opposite the shower and tub was a large sink area with a framed mirror stretching the length of the room. At the far end was the toilet.

“Wow, very nice,” she said softly, setting her kit on the edge of the sink and already imagining the long baths she could take here.

Micah followed Shara inside and said “Here’s the best part.” and he touched a recessed button in the border around the tub. The clear wall silently lowered until the shower and tub were sitting next to the edge of open space. The sounds of the woods and wind were plain and clear. “How’s that for a place to relax?” Micah asked with a grin.


She flashed him a grin of her own. “I daresay you’ve thought of everything, except for one possible thing,” she said as she drew close and slipped her arms around him.

“There is that minor detail of making it so inviting I will want to spend the next two weeks living in the tub. I gotta tell you it’s very tempting,” she said, gazing deeply into his eyes.


Micah slipped his arms around her and smiled at her and said “That tub can hold that soon-to-be-son-in-law of yours… I bet we could squeeze in there together.” and he kissed her lightly, still smiling.

Shara kissed him back, deeply, taking him in as if he held all her air. It wasn’t the kind of kiss meant to start something but certainly there was a great deal of intensity present.

Breaking the kiss but keeping his face close to hers, he said “Now you go on and keep kissing me like that ‘an I just may be tempted to throw you in that tub right now.” He kissed her again briefly and then separated himself from her slightly. “You get your get settled, finish that coffee. I’ll get the rods ready and we’ll go for a walk and maybe see about catching a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for dinner. You game for that?”


“Well, I’m certainly not cooking dinner, unless it’s over a fire, so sure, I don’t mind having to catch it,” she said with a grin as she moved over and unsnapped the folded travel case and lifted it by hook, hanging it on a towel rod.

Turning to Micah, her grin deepened. “Done! What can I say, I’m efficient.”


Micah laughed and said “Fine, smart-ass. Then that means if I’m cooking, you’re cleaning. Now finish your coffee down on the couch and I’ll go grab the gear from the shed.” He smacked her rear with his flesh hand and grinned at her. “An’ you better hurry up or the only dinner we’re gonna have is each other… which I personally wouldn’t mind… At. All.” and he shooed her out of the bathroom and followed.


She chuckled as she moved out of the bathroom, intentionally labouring her steps to provoke him. But she did so with a grin.

Retrieving her mug from the window sill, she made her way back down the stairs and into the large living space. “I brought my guitar, but you know this place is missing a piano. A grand or baby-grand. Totally incongruent, but that’s the point, right?” she said settled onto the couch to finish the last of her coffee.


“I got about as much musical ability as that mug yer drinkin’ out of. But I do have a bit of a music selection. Maybe tonight you can pick out some stuff for us to listen to. Now… you drink and I’ll go get some fishin’ gear.” He winked at her and walked outside, closing the door behind him.

Fifteen minutes later he came back in. “Hey, babe. You ready?”



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