Tennessee, Earth - Home Sweet Home

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“Well if they ain’t, I’ll pick up the slack for ‘em.” and he kissed then nibbled her neck before handing her a pole. “Ok, lets go see what we can catch.”

With a grin, she kissed his cheek and followed him out.

He led her out of the house clearing and past the ship, into the woods, and down an old trail partially overgrown. In some places the trail disappeared entirely, but Micah moved as if it was there and paved in stone. He was also ridiculously quiet… the kind of silent movement that came from a familiarity with the land and nature only achieved by living in it for long periods.

While Shara couldn’t move quite as silently as he did given this was new terrain, she proceeded with the expert movements of someone who was used to not drawing attention to herself and each footfall was sure and soft.

Soon, they moved downhill… steeply… and then came to wide, crystal clear creek. The other side was almost fifty yards away, and the water flowed from left to right; with the sound of rapids or waterfall from somewhere upstream. “Here we go. Trout, brown and rainbow. Maybe some perch as well. You know how to fly fish?” he asked as he took a wicker creel and set it in the water.


“Eh, been a long time but give me a quick refresh and I’ll be fine. Been a long time since I’ve had to actually catch my own dinner,” she said with a grin. “But then again, I’ve grown to actually like ration packs. Been my staple more times than I prefer to admit,” she said with a throaty chuckle.


Micah wrinkled his nose in mock disgust. “Oh no… that’ll never do. We need to get you some good food right away.” He stepped into the water up to his thighs and unspooled line from the reel as he went. “Come on in. Waters cool, but we can warm up later.” and he grinned and gave her a wink.

“Oh, I’ve never minded the cold, but I bet you could convince me that warming up is much preferable,” Shara said as she moved into the water to join him, but also giving him enough space to avoid getting caught up in his line. That would likely hurt.

“So fly fishing… all in the wrist action. Tip of the pole is the barrel of the gun, line is the beam. Hold the line in your left hand to keep it untangled as it feeds through, whip with the right.” He demonstrated, and promptly messed up. GRinning he said “So not like that.” as he reset and untangled the loose line. A few practice flicks of his wrist and he had the rhythm back and was soon sending the fly in long arcs across the creek. “When you get a bite, let ‘em run a bit before you set the hook, ok? Need the fly in their mouth, otherwise you’ll yank it right out.”


Shara smirked and nodded. “I can probably manage. Though fishing wasn’t one of my tasks on Tracken. I was on the hunting and trapping team most of the time.”

Angling her body, she flicked the line back and then forward, letting it fly free froward and then flicked it back. It took her a little bit to get the right timing on the motion, but eventually she found her own rhythm. She could hear the birds chirping and the light wind rippling through the trees, and the quietude of it all was just… lovely.


Micah moved up stream from Shara after she had her rhythm and began sending the fly across the creek. It was several minutes of silence when he suddenly whipped the rod back and it bent down as the line went taught. “Got ‘em!” Micah said and grinned. He began reeling the line in, moving the rod back and forth and tiring whatever was on the other end. Soon, he reached down and then lifted a large brown trout out of the water and held it up for Shara to see, a big smile on his face. “Yes ma’am! That’s what I call dinner!” and he winked. “Don’t fret none, love. If you don’t catch anything I’ll share… a little.” and he laughed and put the nice four-pound brown in the creel. He then sent his line out again in a series of casts.


“Whoever said chivalry was dead?” she quipped as she continued the back and forth motion with her wrist.

After a bit she felt a tug and held the line fast, slowly reeling it in. When it was close enough to lift out of the water, she burst into laughter at her catch: a stick. Unhooking it, she tossed it in the creel with a cheeky smirk. “Fibre.”


“Don’t you worry none, Sha… I can cook anything.” Micah said and blew her a kiss. He turned back and made a few casts in silence before he said “So how you feelin’ ‘bout Faye gettin’ hitched? Think she’s rushing it? Or you think it’ll work out for ‘em?”


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